Ron Artest is off the books this summer! Chicago must sign him ASAP!

Say what you want about any player in the league, but hurry up and wake up to the GREAT NEWS that Ron Artest is completely available this summer!  Let's get him even if it costs us our left leg and our right arm.  Chicago will never regret signing him. 


Follow this link for up to date salary info on Ron Artest:

Great!  Artest will be turning 30 this year and he will be expecting some $$$ this summer, especially after his quality performance this year with the Rockets (hello!  Can I say defensive stopper, Mr. I don't need to dribble the ball for the entire shot clock and give young Bulls fans gray hairs!).  He has been the consummate teammate for an entire season in Houston.  So what if he's not worth the big bucks!  Chicago should offer Artest a one year contract for $12 million and see how that goes.  Don't worry about the luxury tax.  This is exactly the type of experiment the Bulls must conduct.  Management can afford to make this deal.  And believe you me, every GM in the league has his eyes on Artest and there is no reason why Chicago should be the exception.  It is time to strategize and implement step 2 of the master plan!  Artest's current salary is $8.45 million.  

Here's the 3 step plan.  Watch and observe how Chicago becomes once again the city that Michael Jordan built!

Step 1: Draft Derrick Rose -> Check

Step 2: Sign Ron Artest for a 1 year contract trial period to then ...

Step 3: Sign Dwayne Wade to a very good contract in July 2010!

Now I also want the New York Knickerbockers to sign David Lee this summer and trade him to the Chicago Bulls for Kirk Kinrich!  N.Y. is desperate for a quality point guard and the Bulls are desperate for solid interior scoring and another solid rebounder.  David Lee had the most double doubles in the league this season.  Who cares that he can't play a lick of defense!  Look at Pau Gasol!  He doesn't know what the word defense means and he's helped the Lakers make the NBA finals.  Here's your 2010-2011 Chicago Bull roster: Depth Chart

Starting 5:                              Backups:

PG: Derrick Rose                 Your Choice

SG: Dwayne Wade              John Salmons 

SF: Ron Artest                      Luol Deng

PF: David Lee                      Joakim Noah

C: Brad Miller                       Your Choice

Even with all these contracts, we are still under the luxury tax!  Let's get Artest, Lee and Wade, and pick up 2-3 more role players (why not via the draft) and get back to winning championships!  Clearly, Paxson is smart enough to know that Derrick Rose will not tolerate any form of losing, especially moving forward.  And now that Chicago knows what it takes to win a playoff series, anything but a playoff series victory will equate to failure.  Paxson does not want to tread the murky waters of putting a miserable losing production on the floor next season.  This season was a success in light of the turmoil Bulls fans and the team experienced in the first half.  The time to build on this good will and positive momentum is now!  I have faith in Chicago's GM and I believe NOW is the time to give back the same joy and happiness to the fans that we give you every season!  We give you our money and cheers!  Now give us a great team to cheer for and make our dollar worth spending on you!  Go 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 Chicago Bulls!

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