Draft Watch 2009 (6/4)


  • Draft picks for 2009: 2-1st round, 0-2nd round*. 
  • The picks will be 16 and 26**.  




*We lost our 2nd round pick to acquire the rights to Omer Asik last year.

**DraftExpress thinks we acquired Denver's pick, SI says we received San Antonio's pick (the difference is pick 26 vs 25).  

Pick 16: 30% chance the player is above average.

Pick 26: 85% chance they suck.



who's available:

2009 draft candidates

Who's in, who's out according to Chad Ford

links to mock draft sites and who the Bulls draft:

DraftExpress (last update: June, 4): T. Williams / O. Casspi (last update: June, 3): B. Mullens / T. Smith

RealGM (last update: June, 2): T. Williams / C. Budinger

Yahoo (last update: May, 20): T. Williams / D. Collison

ESPN (last update: May, 20): D. Blair / T. Douglas

InsideHoops (last update: May, 24): J. Holiday / P. Mills

ignore height (more or less):

Better measurements than height

  • talks about how to value standing reach, wingspan, height

NBA draft measurements 2009  

  • shows large residuals when correlating standing reach or wingspan to height

Interpreting the 2009 draft measurements

quality of player vs pick:

How does each pick stack up to the 1st overall

NBA draft success and lessons --- part 2

  • Big men bust.  Late picks are good for guards and wings

Expected performance

thinking about college stats:

College stats (per 40 pace adjusted default)

How do NCAA statistics translate to the NBA ---

  • Good: block, assist, rebound, 3 P%, and FT%;  Bad: FTA, PPG, FG%, and FGA

draft related podcasts

Discusses Clark, Blair, Johnson, and Mullens.

Discusses Henderson, Williams Budinger, Thornton, Ellington

Doug Thonus and Jonathon Givony

  • Discuss moving up in the draft and various bigs and wings

Bulls workouts (potential 1st round picks)

B.J. Mullens (3/22)D. Collison (3/24)M. Thornton (3/25), D. Blair (6/10)J. Flynn (5/24), P. Mills (5/24), P. Beverley (5/24), C. Budinger (5/24),

T. Hansbrough, T. Williams, D. Summer, T. Smith, D. Green (unknown)

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