How can we luck out again?

Wendy's terrific post from yesterday got me thinking draft, or more accurately, how a lucky ping-pong ball saved our franchise last year.  So I'm wondering how a few more lucky (or unlucky, depending on your point of view) breaks can tip our franchise over the edge.

Two ideas pop to mind immediately.  First, we want to avoid the creation of any new Eastern conference powers.  Second, we want to create teams that have a surplus of talent at a position where we have need.  

This isn't a one man draft, but it's fairly close.  All the other "top" players have serious question marks - James Harden had a terrible tournament and was completely blanketed when facing good defenders, such asUSC's Daniel Hackett.   Hasheem Thabeet got demolished - absolutely crushed - by Dejuan Blair.  Etc.  The premise here is that no team in their right mind, despite their roster, would ever ever ever consider taking anybody but the big guy #1.  So let's examine how the possible results of the Blake Griffin sweepstakes effect your Chicago Bulls. 

1.  Sac-town.  Terrific!  Get Blake out of conference, first, and to a team whose fans aren't jerks, second.  More importantly, here's a good example of how a glut could be created.  That would leave Sactown with Hawes, Thompson, and Griffin down low, but with jack at the point guard and small forward.  Hawes and Griffin are a perfect fit for each other - high post, low post.  If Thomson, who is a great talent but tailed off after an impressive start, is there anyone short of Rose you wouldn't offer?

2. Washington.  Worst of all outcomes.  Arenas, Butler, and Griffin make up three potential all-stars.  Angle #2: if they get Griffin, they look to trade Jamison.  Angle #3: if we get Jamison, I barf.

3. Clippers.  Pros: Clippers don't have to suck, Griffin's out of conferance, and they may decide for the uber-youth movement, jettisoning Kaman for a cut-rate price in order to go with Jordan, Blake and the expiring Marcus Camby down low.  Cons: someone on BaB will suggest that, really, if you just squint for awhile at Zack Randolph, you start to wonder...

4. OKC.  Look out.  That team could be scary, and they have a need at four.  And, seeing as they're in the Western Conference, it doesn't effect us too much.  Hidden upside: the Thunder become the new hotshot team in the West, stealing the...well, thunder...from Portland and its feral fans.  Wouldn't their smug GM have earned his comeuppance when Blake Griffin dunks all over Greg Oden, and they see their dreams of ascendancy Pritch-snapped? 

5. Minnesota.  They've got karma on their side, people.  They also would have a surplus of bigs and lack quality wings and points.  Not only would that surplus replicate a position, it would replicate three players' size and bruising style.  A style our team definitely needs.  And did I mention their point guards/small forwards consist of Sebastian Telfair, the other Bobby Brown, Kevin Ollie, Rodney Carney, and Corey Brewer's remaining ankle? 

6.  Memphis.  Never wins anything.  Ever.

7. Golden State.  I like Blake in Golden State.  A lot.  I also like Brenan Wright.  A lot.  

8.  New York.  Another vile destination.  New York's heartless, mercenary, and oh-so typical LeBron ass-slurpage would be greatly abetted by the addition of a viable NBA player. 

9.  Toronto.  This is Blake Griffin mecca for Bulls fans.  Blake gives the Raptors sufficent toughness that even Andrea Bargnani can be a legit NBA big despite the lack of testicles.  He also makes Bosh expendable, if a 25 y.o. all-star is ever expendable.  It means the only thing Toronto lacks to be a contender is a sf and a shot blocker.  It means that...

But of course, that's impossible.  What team ever lucked out and won the lottery with a 1.7% chance?





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