Power forward Luol Deng

First and foremost, I would like to see the entire team being brought back next season, adding new pieces by trading away some would disrupt the team chemistry, because the new guys have to find a way to "blend in". In my opinion this is the first time since probably the start of 06-07 season where there are no major issues regarding the character of the players, remember having Hughes, Noc, and Gooden who were all complaining about playing time? I think this team has guys that are very happy with their roles. 

Secondly, you can't replace Kirk, or Ben, not literally, but what they bring to the Chicago Bulls is just unique. Blake is not Kirk, and Wafer is not Gordon. Nobody can replace them. This team played TOGETHER in the PLAYOFFS and they know each other very well now, breaking this team will just be another recipe for DISASTER. As McGraw said in his write up few weeks ago, reinsdorf should pay the luxury tax because it would just be for a year due to the expiring contracts of Tim Thomas and Brad Miller in 2010.

Now to the main point, I would love to see Luol play the power forward position. Why? Because he is a shooter, and has a money mid range jumper. He is 6"9 and rebounds the ball pretty well. I see him actually posting up, or facing up the opponent power forward and that gives him the advantage. Having a starting lineup of

Noah, Deng, Salmons, Gordon, Rose, is having an offensive juggernaut.

I can never ever see, Salmons and Gordon accepting and being effectve in an off the bench role. Rose, Gordon, and Salmons all can drive to the hoop, and with Luol, he can space the floor because of his ability to shoot the Jumper. Rose can play the pick and pop with Deng, or drive and kick to either gordon, and salmons, plus you have Noah who is active moving without the ball out there. That gives Derrick four options on the offense. Plus it would prevent having the freaking famous three guard line up with Luol back and healthy.

That leaves Tyrus as an energy guy off the bench. You know, the guy who I thought was going to be Shawn Marion but never really is, he is the 06 version of Stromile "the 2nd overall pick himself" Swift. Dude you can not dunk your way for 20 points. And that is the only thing all he can do. Dunk. With Luol at the four, at least you know what you are getting and at least you know that he can score in a variety of ways. And he has a consistent jumper, much like what you can get from Chris Bosh or David Wesley or maybe even better. And Lu just weighs at the same level as this guys, there is no reason he can't play the four. He is a better on ball defender than Tyrus, and a better team defender. Tyrus over commits on defense, and his blocks are over rated. Lu can block as many as he can, or if not, hey KARL MALONE DID NOT BLOCK on the regular. He just used his basketball IQ and stripped the ball.

Having Miller, Hinrich, and Thomas off the bench, that gives Vinny an 8 man rotation he can work, plus if we draft a Hansbrough or Mullens, or any offensive big who can spell Noah or Deng its a bonus.

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