Game Preview #81 Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons

It's only about 80 minutes before tipoff but hell, someone has to do this right?

Anyway, big game tonight that determines all kinds of playoff seedings and in an effort to prevent some of the confusion over all the seedkakke (ya I went there), I just copied/pasted everything from newbie Bigintangibles' Playoff Seeding Primer.

Take it away Bigintangibles!

7. Chicago - 40-40 (2-1 season series with Detroit, division record 8-7, conference record 23-27): remaining games are @ Detroit and vs. Toronto.

8. Detroit - 39-41 (division record 7-8, conference record 26-24): remaining games are vs. Chicago and @ Miami.

Order of Tiebreakers (I haven't listed tiebreakers that are irrelevant to Chicago, or those that could not occur):

1. Head-to-head won-lost percentage.

2. Division won-lost percentage.

3. Conference won-lost percentage.

Implications for Chicago's seeding:

1. To finish 5th: Chicago MUST finish with a better overall record than Miami (Miami would win tiebreaker by virtue of winning the season series) -- Chicago can no longer win the 5th seed.

2. To finish 6th: Chicago MUST finish with a better record than Philadelphia; OR with an equal record to Philadelphia, AND either Chicago MUST beat Detroit OR Philadelphia MUST lose to Boston or Toronto (That way, Chicago would win the tiebreaker by virtue of better division record. If Chicago lost to Detroit and Philadelphia beat both Boston and Toronto, Chicago would finish 7th because of its worse conference record).

3. To finish 7th: Chicago MUST have a better record than Detroit (UPDATE: Noted that if Chicago beats Detroit, then 7th is sealed); OR Chicago MUST have an equal record to Detroit AND Chicago MUST beat Detroit (If both teams have equal records and Chicago loses to Detroit, both teams would have equal division records and Detroit wins 7th because of its better conference record).

NB: I've updated the records and scenarios

So yea there you go. Starting lineups tonight look like this:

Guard 1 Derrick Rose 6-3 | 190
Guard 7 Ben Gordon 6-3 | 200
Forward 15 John Salmons 6-6 | 207
Forward 24 Tyrus Thomas 6-9 | 215
Center 13 Joakim Noah 6-11 | 232

Guard 32 Richard Hamilton 6-7 | 193
Guard 3 Rodney Stuckey 6-5 | 205
Forward 22 Tayshaun Prince 6-9 | 215
Forward 24 Antonio McDyess 6-9 | 245
Center 38 Kwame Brown 6-11 | 270

Blogging with the enemy: Motown String Music, Need4Sheed, Detroit Bad Boys

That's all I got! Enjoy the game and geaux Bulls!


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