Next Year's Bulls. What's your plan?

Ok, so the way we're set right now, presuming no trades will happen until at least next year's deadline (because let's say it, we're Chicago and we don't trade when we can trade), who would you like to see a Bull next year coming into the year?


I presume we won't be able to afford Ben Gordon....and while I think BG's our best player, I think the addition of Salmons has at least allowed us to weather that storm.


So presuming we have to get 2 #1 draftee, I guess we can presume whoever he is (Stephen Curry most likely as I think we'll nip into the playoffs for teh first one and then I don't know another SG who won't play much in year 1, maybe an international pick for the Thabo part), his cost will be between $1.5-2M to the cap.  We may have one more 2nd rounder on the team at $800K, and before doing anything else and the loss of BG we'll have 67.4M....locked up (hopefully we can get under Jerome James's contract....but I don't think it's happening)

Who should we try to add to this team?




Deng/Salmons/Tim THomas

Thomas/Noah/Tim Thomas



I think the following could be good, inexpensive free agents:

Chris Birdman Anderson....give us solid off the bench contributions, ensure that with Tyrus out we always have a shot blocker.  I know he's had the drug issue, but the dude can play and is dirt cheap....might be a nice bargain.  He's athletic, he's played well in basically every year he's been eligible to play, and if one of our bigs go down for any spell, his athleticism should allow him to step in and at least perform.  I'd offer him 2 yrs $3M in the hopes of snatching him away, on play he's worth more than that, but given the checkered past, that might be a good offer.

Matt Barnes.  He could give us some scoring punch at the 2/3 off the bench.  He's played a bit better of late, but is still a bit inconsistent (hench a definite depth/bench guy), I'd prefer Andersen, but Barnes might help space the floor if Gordon's gone, in a surefire bench role.

Linas Kleiza.....he's picked a strange time to have a mediocre year and might lose his qualifying offer in the cheap land of the Nuggets, perhaps we can make an offer at him, so long as it's cheap.  He has proven he can play really well in the past and he isn't very old....

Wally Szcerbiak.  The pretty boy should come very cheap at or near veteran's minimum, and he might really help space the floor in the 2nd unit, he and Tim THomas could give some fits, so long as Rose is at the helm with them....


Anyone else you think?

I mean perhaps we use all the money and luck into Ben Gordon....I still think he's getting mroe than the just under I believe $8M we can offer him....

And frankly, while BG's been our best player, I think now might be the time to change some of the old regime...the nice thing with the guys above is that they can play and should be tradable and won't cost us a ton of money....


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