Game Preview #70: Los Angeles Lakers verses The Chicago Bulls

The week that was - out of the muck into the 8th seed:  I'm still basking in our tough, important three game win streak as we prepare to face the Lakers tonight.  Paxson appears to have hit a home run with the Miller - Salmons trade.  Noah, Hinrich, Gordon an all are contributing. The rotation has solidified. 

I had to add this:  After an unbelievable blowout loss at home 121 - 94 to Sacramento the Knicks are reeling.  In today's New York Daily News there is a comment that made me feel we didn't totally get screwed with VDN verses D'Antoni.

Remember911 Mar 21, 2009 7:18:43 AM
Once again, we have the worst coach in the league. No defense and running so much that the team is tired in the 4th quarter. The Knicks are pathetic and so is Donnie Walsh for hiring Mike D'Antoni.

The weeks ahead:  The odds favor the Lakers winning tonight by 4 to 5.5 points via the Vegas Insider.  Assuming Charlotte wins at home against Indiana tonight and we lose, the Bulls will fall to the 9th seed because Charlotte has the tie-breaker.  Monday and Tuesday we are in Washington and Detroit at home. Charlotte plays on Wednesday at Washington.  That gives us a chance to be in the 8th spot even if Charlotte wins Wednesday.  I know many ifs here but I'm just thinking ahead.  Starting next Thursday March 26th we have a big advantage.  Of the last 11 games for Charlotte 7 are on the road with only one easy game, a home game March 28th against the Knicks.  The Bulls finish the last 10 games beginning with Miami at home March 26th.  Of the 10 games 7 are at home and 3 on the road.  All 10 are winnable games. 

Tonight's game:   The last time we defeated the Lakers was December 19th 2006 at home 94 - 89.  Deng scored 23 points on 9 - 16 and BG had 22.  Kobe had 19 points on 6 - 19.  December 18th 2007 we lost at home 103 - 91 in a 4th quarter collapse after being blown out November 17th 2007 in LA 106 - 78.  We lost this year November 18th 2008 in LA 116 - 109.  Rose scored 25 and had 9 assists but it was Gasol with 34 ponts who man-handled the Bulls inside.  Kobe added 21 and Bynum had 18.  It was Gasol who exposed how terrible we were guarding or scoring in the paint.  We are playing possibly the best team in the NBA tonight with, I believe, the best coach in the NBA.  I know we will be out-coached.  The Los Angeles Lakers are ranked 3 on offense, averaging 108.1 points per game. They start a seven game, 13 day road trip with rumblings that despite winning games they are not playing as well as they should be playing.

I believe we last won 4 games in a row March 29th 2007 at home with a 83 - 81 win against Detroit.  It is unlikely it happens tonight but I did not expect them to win 3 straight against NO, Celtics and away at the Thunder.  

Blogging with the enemy:  I may have missed something but the only blog that I could find for the Lakers is Lakers Blog at the LA Times

Game time:  7:30, WGN TV, 1000 espn radio





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