The Financial Case for Firing VDN (JR Take Note!)

Here's the million dollar question: What is wrong with the Bulls?

No real leader?
Identity issues?
No true all-star?
Lack of intensity and consistency?

If you ask me, all of these problems are directly related to coaching.  A real coach would find a way to create an identity, elevate leaders, hand Derrick Rose (our true all-star) the keys to the car, and foster an environment in which lack of intensity is not tolerated, thereby leading to...consistency!

True, we don't have a legit "Big Three" or a Kobe or LeBron upon whose back we can ride to the Finals, but we absolutely do have a playoff team.  Especially in the East!  Given the struggles and injury issues compromising so many teams in the East this year, there is no reason that this Bulls team shouldn't have been a 5 or 6 seed.

Ok.  Most of us here agree on this much, so I won't go into why benching D Rose in the 4th is a bad idea.  Here comes the financial component:

In a major market such as Chicago, a playoff appearance would net the Bulls significant additional income.  The odds of making the playoffs and potentially even advancing beyond the first round (this year or next) are markedly better with a competent coach.  As a rookie coach with no prior experience, VDN's contract is a small one.

So add it all up!  Firing VDN gives Chicago a much better shot at the playoffs, and therefore a shot at significant additional income that will likely exceed that of VDN's contract buyout as well as the difference between VDN's salary and the new coaches salary (which would likely be more than VDN's because he'd hopefully have enough experience to demand more).

Additionally, playoff experience and better coaching will allow Derrick Rose to progress faster, and might even elevate his ceiling further.  Given that these are his formative years, it is important to put him in a position to succeed, and not do anything to stunt his development.  There is a financial benefit associated with this as well, as the better D Rose becomes, the better the Bulls will be going forward, which in turn equals more revenue for the franchise whether it's playoff appearances, jersey sales, etc.  Would Cleveland be as profitable without LeBron?  I think not.  Same logic applies here.

What coach wouldn't love to get their hands on this team?

Derrick Rose
Ben Gordon (if he's back next year)
Loul Deng
Tyrus Thomas
Joakim Noah
John Salmons
Brad Miller
Kirk Hinrich
Tim Thomas

Pax did his job by cleaning up the roster and providing us with legitimate veterans.  Now it's time to get rid of the one remaining team cancer: VDN.


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