Inconsistency: A few stats on our unpredictable team.

With wins against three of the five top teams in the league, and losses against three of the five worst teams in the league, many of us don't know what to make of the Bulls this year.  Unpredictable is an understatement.  It seems as though, lately, we've been winning against all of our "top tier" opponents, and losing against our "easy" opponents.  Just how does this trend play out across the full season? 

What follows are calculations of our record in various situations across the season to date:

Overall Record: .456

Home Record: .656

Away Record: .278

Overtime Record: .250

Close Games (Absolute Margin <= 10): .432

Blowouts (Absolute Margin > 10): .484

Against Teams w/ Winning Record (including .500 teams): .359

Against Teams w/ Losing Record: .586

At Home Against Winning Teams: .556

At Home Against Losing Teams: .786

Away Against Winning Teams: .190

Away Against Losing Teams: .400


This isn't rocket science, and for the most part everything follows in line with expectations.  That said, it is astounding to me that the Bulls' record against winning teams at home is nearly THREE TIMES that of our away record against winning teams!!  Additionally, our record in close games is notably worse than non-close games (and my guess is that this differential should actually be higher as many of our "close wins" are actually blowouts in which we nearly relinquished the lead). 

If the average age of the team was 28, this would be extremely troubling, but we are one of the youngest (if not the youngest?) team in the league.  Therefore, it is not surprising that we are significantly better at home, and that we can't quite close out close games.  With better coaching (from Vinny or his potential replacement), more playing time for our young guys, and improved cohesion as the newly reorganized team learns to play together, I expect our record to significantly improve next year.  The good news is that we are most definitely getting it done at home.  Hopefully the away record will follow in due time.

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