Scoop Jackson on the Bulls (via ESPN 1000)

Well it's Friday and I'm stuck at work, and naturally, I'm "working" by listening to a few podcasts.  Waddle & Silvy had Scoop Jackson on Thursday to discuss the Bulls and I want to share what I thought was interesting with the interview. It was about Pax possibly having an idea on bringing in Avery as coach. It's all speculation by Scoop, but I'm bored at work and felt like sharing this.

Here is the podcast link for any who want to listen: the Jackson interview starts at 37:20 and goes until 47:10

Here is the part that intrigued me. 

Scoop when questioned about possible outcomes to improve in the off season:

 "I don't think it's the players. I'm giving Pax a lot of credit, I've been critical of John Paxson, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one. I think (this being just Scoop speculating) he has a plan that has nothing to do with the players.

The whole Vinny Del Negro thing didn't make too much sense to me because why would you select somebody who has no coaching experience that was with a team that had a coaching opening and they never interviewed him?

But, Avery Johnson we know is available. We know Avery didn't coach this year because he was going to get $6 Million this year for not coaching because of his contract with the Dallas Mavericks. NY is done, LA isn't going anywhere, all the top teams the coaching situation is set.

If I'm John Paxson, I'm thinking just let me get somebody in there for 1 year to hold this spot down so I can get Avery Johnson who'd be a pretty good coach for a cat like Derrick Rose.

Avery was going to lose $6 Million by coaching this year, his contract with the Mavericks said if he coached this year he would give up that money.  And we know the Bulls aren't going to pay that. So Avery's smart enough to sit out for a year and do analyst work at ESPN, and now he's available.


And if I'm John Paxson, I'm thinking that's my guy. I'm giving Paxson some credit for thinking this way, and this plan would be a bit of brilliance on his part. Then, you don't necessarily have to worry about the players, because he's a coach that has experience and could shape a point guard because Avery has a point guard mentality and now we aren't talking about losing some of these close games that they have been losing.


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