David Thorpe Chat-wrap: Bulls version

A FanPost because it's a lot. [update: forgot the link]
Paul (Denver): Is getting Hinrich a good move for the Magic?

David Thorpe: Depends on what they have to give up. Kirk works for Orlando.

The following is not Bulls-related, except w/ my commentary and trade proposal following.
Matthew (NYC): Chad Ford suggested Blake, Sergio and Channing Frye for Hedo. It sounded good at first for the Blazers, but Turkoglu has a much lower shooting percentages than I would have thought. Do you think he'd be a good fit in Portland?

David Thorpe: A better question is, who then mans the pg spot out west? Surely he's not suggesting leaving it all up to the rookie?

I say they then trade Outlaw, Diogu and a loterry-protected 1st for Hinrich. They can do it all at once!
Ryan, Chicago: Deng, Thomas, and Noah are all starting to play well for the first time this season. Did you have some kind of group therapy session with them?

David Thorpe: No. I think the team has settled down into some better rhythm's.

Andy (Chicago): Some of us Bulls fans fear that when Gooden gets back, those rhythms will go out the window. How would you manage the rotation if you were Vinny "The Hair" Del Negro?

David Thorpe: Gooden simply has to be traded.

I don't agree with that. He's the third best big on the team (ugh!), and his contract expires. Just don't bring him back.
Brendan (Pittsfield, MA): Thorpedo, Deng has been great for the bulls since he's been back from injury. There has been alot of talk about him being on the move (and everyone else minus Rose), but the way he is playing they have to keep him, right? (well unless they can get Bosh or Amare, but i'm just dreaming there!)

David Thorpe: I've heard that he's basically untouchable. His play since 12/1 is tops on the team.

Anthony (Sarasota, FL): Since it is clear Bosh has to be moved, who can offer the best package?

David Thorpe: I'd be calling Phoenix and Chicago this morning.

Yusef (Chicago): Of this current rookie class, who becomes the first all-star selectee?

David Thorpe: Rose or Lopez would be my guess.

Terry (Madison): Why are the Bulls so bad if they have all of these great "trade assets"? If I'm trade Amare or Bosh I wouldn't want anything they have to offer besides Rose and that isn't happening.

David Thorpe: It's a good thing you don't do this for a living then.

Rocko (NY): Will Tyrus Thomas ever be a defensive anchor? Last night against the Rockets his shotblocking was reaching levels of Dwight Howard intimidation.

David Thorpe: I thought it was the hardest I've ever seen him play. It's certainly a great game to build on, and I think he's had 3 double-doubles in his last 5 games. His PER is over 16 since 12/1.

Bill (Northbrook): Coach, I'm a lifelong Bulls fan who always trusted what you told us since you've been at espn. Lu Deng is our best player now, and has been for awhile this season. How did you know he'd come around?

David Thorpe: He is simply one of the most focused students I've ever encountered. And he's totally healthy. I think his PER since 12/1 is over 20.

Ron (Philippines): Can Luol Deng really carry a team? or he is better suited as a 2nd? 3rd banana?

David Thorpe: I get that question a lot-not just about Luol. Here's the thing I always suggest-who was the best player on the Spurs two years ago-TD right? But Parker was the MVP, and Manu oftentimes was their top guy. Last year it was KG in Boston, but PP was MVP. It's a team game, people. D Wade went 10-41 last year. 10 and 41. Are you suggesting he can't carry a team? Please.

Sergio Austin, TX: What about an Oberto/Udoka trade for Tyrus Thomas? The Spurs get a solidly athletic big man, and the Bulls get some perimeter defense from Udoka and an Experienced Center that can play with Nocioni.

David Thorpe: I don't think the Bulls even return the call for that. Good effort though.

Yeah, if the Bulls were that desperate to trade Thomas, they would have ended his era ages ago.

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