Where is the passion?

There were plenty of reasons for this bulls team to come out and kill the wizards tonight.

1) They are in the playoff hunt.

2) The PRESIDENT of the USA was in the building to cheer for them.

3)And they Bulls Organization just lost not 1, but 2 Bulls LEGENDS in Norm and Red.


How is one of these reasons not enough to get them motivated?

but they continue to go through the motions as if they're barely learning the "plays".

Which leads me to VDN. Simply put, he must be fired. I have no doubt the guy is trying his best, but he is just not coaching material. Keep in mind I say this when we are actually in line to have a better record than last year. But I also say it while shuddering to think where we'd be with Mike D. as our coach. We have a ton of talent and he doesn't know how to use it.

Having said all that, I still believe the players deserve some of the blame. they show no pride in being out there. It really does look as though they don't give a damn whether they win or lose. I think there is one reason for this. There is no one on this team, from coaches to players, who DEMANDS effort. No no willing to step up and hold people accountable and call them out on their bullshit play. NO ONE. It's the reason the celtics and lakers are so good. KG and Kobe expect their players to go out and compete each and every game. It's demanded of them.

So who is our enforcer? Who on this team is going to be that passionate guy who expects his teammates to compete? I don't believe we have that type of player and until we get him, we will continue to play like this. We will continue to beat the magic and nuggets but lose to the nets and wizards.


"Their not strong mentally" -Norm Van Lier

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