Who will be our new "Duhon" or "Nocioni" hated player post trade?

I know Matt hates Polls but screw it, who do you think will be the 2nd half of this year and next year's new Duhon or Nocioni (most irrationally hated, and unfortunately sometimes rationally hated (poor Noc) Bulls player post trade).  I guess you'd have to think they'll be here for the rest of this year AND at least next year....

Here's my takes of the top 5 and why (not in any order really):

1) Kirk Hinrich--easy, makes too much cha-ch$ng, while he's been a good soldier for us in the past, he was pretty damn bad last year, and now has been replaced by a far better (especially with future projections) Rose, whom he's stealing time from.  Will he be here after this summer?  I guess he can since he's still inexplicably here after last summer... I like Kirk though, he's too $$.

2) Luol Deng--with Nocioni and Duhon (God I hate Duh still) out of the picture to hate on, and Hinrich perhaps one foot out the door this summer (speculative), not to mention the injury woes, the new competition at the SF spot from Salmons, the money tied into him and the fact that that money seems to cause the can't sign Gordon blues.....will folks start hating Deng?  Me I don't know, I'm upset with the injuries, but hate?  I am not sure, Deng's decent, not great....

3) Ben Gordon.  Folks irrationally hate him anyway, so why not put him up here....especially if he gets trigger happy if say VDN cuts his time going forward in favor of Salmons....BG has to have his eyes on the prize (new contract) and this is his final audition.....who knows.

4) John Salmons.....he's having a career year, but was it the system, or did he just finally get it?  Might folks get on him for playing in lieu of Lu-yawn? What if he reverts?  Me, I like him though I haven't watched him more than a handful of games, and I thought he looked nice on the court at Indy, esp not knowing the teammates or system....

5) Brad Miller.  I loved him as a player in 2000-2002 or whenver he was here last.  I like his passing and D and just smart play, but if he starts playing and cutting into Noah's time and plays like the slow white Oaf he is, who knows....I like the signing though.

6) Aaron Gray.  Seriously if he plays, he wins this for me.  I just presume his Bulls playing days are pretty much over with with Noah and Tyrus and Miller on board....but I'm not VDN.

7) Joakim Noah.  Irrationally hated accross the globe thanks to the bad stint to start this year, the winning in college, the crazy hair, and well the clown outfit on draft night.....wonder if something leaks that he was the vital piece of the puzzle included in a failed Amar'e package (Pax didn't want to part, hoping he'd add the D to the team) and folks hate him for it?

8) Tyrus Thomas.....if he reverts back to his early season woes, I guess there's a chance of it, but folks would be dumb to hate on him, our best pure athlete with upside as high as Rose (though Rose has a far better IQ and likelihood of reaching those highs). Noah he might be seen as a clog in either the Amare or Bosh failed trades...

9) Other.  And if anyone says D. Rose they are morons.  I guess you could put VDN here, but I was trying to focus on the players.....


The site is slow today....thought this would be a nice bitching session...

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