Losing Gordon = win for Chicago

Not a lot of you want to hear this....and I know many will disagree, but this how it is, and it's the logic and order of basketball, at least in the NBA.


Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich, and Derrick Rose cannot co-exist on the same team. Right now, this is not Derrick Rose's team. It's a chaotic mix of the players from the previous era (Gordon, Hinrich) meshing with the players of the new era (Rose, whoever). This is not how you would do things in the NBA.

Why is it that when Rose plays well, and when Gordon just plays off of Rose, we always seem to win (NJ game comes to mind). But when it's the other way around, with Gordon doing 1-on-1 moves, then we always seem to lose (most recent game for example).


I'm not saying BG is a bad player, he is an incredible scorer. No, he's not selfish at all. That's not the point. The point is he's a BALL-DOMINANT guard. He needs the ball in his hands to be effective. The non-stop dribbles until the shot clock goes down to five, the step back shots, the ridiculous fade-aways, this all part of his game. And he does this all game long, even if the play is completely stagnant, he refuses to pass the ball back to Rose and let him create. Ben and Kirk are hindering Rose's development.

If you guys truly want this to be Derrick Rose's team, you HAVE to get rid of Ben and Kirk, regardless of how good they are. Derrick is not the perfect point guard for BG. BG needs a point guard that's more like Hinrich, Duhon, Fisher, someone who will just defer to him and let him create. But with Rose, it doesn't work, both of them are BALL-DOMINANT guards. You can't have two of them on the same team.


And for people who are worried about the struggles on the offensive end when Gordon leaves....look at Utah and New Orleans.

Who is DWill's 2 guard? Ronnie Brewer, Ronnie Price, Matt Harpring, players who play their roles and will always defer to Williams. No one on their team is even close to Gordon as a scorer.

Who is New Orleans' shooting guards?? Peja, Rasual Butler...guys who have no intentions of ever going 1-on-1 and mess things up for Chris Paul, they always defer to Chris Paul and play off him. Again, no one even close to Ben as a scorer.

This is how the league works. You can't have two players who demand the ball. That's why LeBron James can't play with Larry Hughes, why JR Smith comes off the bench, why Vinny Johnson came off the bench, this is why BJ Armstrong came off the bench for Chicago back in the days.

This has always been a pattern in the league. At most, you can only have 1 ball-dominant player on each team.


Wade- Chalmers

DWill- Ronnie Brewer

Paul - Rasual Butler

James -Mo Williams

Kobe - Fisher

Jordan - Harper

McGrady - Derek Armstrong


This is how it works, and we have to follow this formula.





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