Deadline Trades

With all of the Amar'e talk winding down now that it is very unlikely.  I am curious if whether or not the Bulls will make a trade.

Over at ESPN, Chad Fordtalks about Five Deals That Should Happen, with one of them involving the Bulls:

Knicks send David Lee, Malik Rose and Jared Jeffries to the Bulls for Tyrus 
Thomas and Larry Hughes.
Why should the Knicks do it?
It would help the Knicks tremendously in the summer of 2010. Not only would it 
clear the last $6 million of Jeffries' deal off the books, but it would ease the
Knicks' worries about losing Lee for nothing this summer in free agency. If
Thomas were to keep developing, they could pay him in the summer of 2010
along with LeBron. If he were to struggle, they could let him go and bring in two
big free agents with all of their cap room. In the meantime, Hughes would help
shore up a big hole at the 2 and he too would come off the books in 2010.
Why should the Bulls do it?
Lee would bring a change in culture to the franchise. He's a double-double 
machine and a good locker room guy. They'd have to pay him this summer,
but given the horrific financial market, it probably wouldn't cost them a fortune.
It also would save them some money heading into the summer; getting
Hughes off the books would clear an extra $7 million or so under the cap.
Will it happen?
Maybe. The Knicks don't want to lose Lee for nothing and they would love to 
move Jeffries' contract. The Bulls need a shake-up and adding Lee would help
get the team back to its winning ways.

Before talking about the Bulls scenario, I would like to mention one other trade that the article had; Bosh for Biedrins, Randolph, Turiaf, Belinelli, and a first rounder.  If the Raptors are willing to trade Bosh this year, the Bulls should absolutely get involved.  Out of all of the possible all stars who could get traded or signed within the next year or two, Bosh is the one who I would want the most.  He is great offensively with post up moves and a good shot.  He is solid defensively and can also play the 4 or the 5 depending on the lineup, making him versatile.  I also think that the Bulls could give a better deal than the Warriors.  Gooden and Tyrus being the core of the deal, and if the are still interested in Nocioni (who knows why?), or Hughes expiring.  To sum up, I would trade any combo of the Bulls players except for Rose, Deng, and Joakim (so we don't have to have White Lightning play more than he already does).

Back to the possible Bulls trade.  Ford was right with the New Orleans/Oklahoma City trade, but I hope he is wrong about this one.  Some of us were hesitant trading Tyrus for Amar'e, so why the hell would we do it for David Lee.  He is a good player and all, but I think his stats are inflated a little from the D'Antoni system.  I also like Jared Jeffries, but giving up a promising Tyrus as of late is just not worth it.  While I do not think this trade will happen, what does make me worry is that David Lee fits right into Paxson's mold of a player; he hustles 110% and he is a positive guy to have in the locker room.

Lastly, what possible trades I would like to see the Bulls make.  My first choice would have been Chris Kaman, but he has been injured which makes it a no go.  The only other trade I would like to see happen would be for contracts expiring this year.  All the teams are focusing on the 2010 free agency that the Bulls might be able to get someone good this year.  The Jazz will have to choose between Paul Millsap and Carlos Boozer.  Even though Boozer is injury prone he would be a legitiate low post scorer for the Bulls, and I think that he will be asking for an absolutely ridiculous contract because he has been injured almost the entire year.  I also like Hedo Turkoglu, and he would solidify the Bulls with a sg.  Even though he can go out of control at times and he defense is not great, he is a big guard who can shoot the three, post up, and play multiple positions.

Who would you like to see the Bulls get?  Or would you rather have them do nothing.

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