An Amare trade that works financially

I've been trying to figure out how to make a trade for Amare that gets the Suns under the luxury tax but also keeps us below it. Because I don't think Reinsdorf will pay it.

So try this one on:

Bulls trade: Kirk, Deng, Noah, Thabo, Simmons, Gray, Ruffin, $3M cash to Grizzlies, 09 pick to Suns
Bulls get: Amare, JRich, Q. Ross

The Bulls net cap change in this trade is $1.2M, so they're technically going to be over the luxury tax threshold, but they'd still have a week to unload Gooden, Hughes or Nocioni in a move that recovers that million and fills out the roster a bit more.  So there would have to be one more trade, but it seems very doable to me.  Examples: Gooden for Nick Collison, or Noc for Stackhouse, or Hughes+Noc for Tinsley, Rasho, Diener. Or all three of them for O'Neil and Parker. Or Noc for Matt Carrol and change.  You get the picture. Seems very doable to me, and something that could possibly be pre-arranged. 

1- Rose, Hunter
2- Gordon, JRich
3- JRich, Ross
4- Tyrus, Noc
5- Amare, Gooden

As an added bonus, I don't think we're taking on so much salary that our 2009 cap position is completely screwed and we couldn't re-sign Gordon if we want to.

Suns trade: Amare, JRich
Suns get: Deng, Hinrich, Noah, Gray, pick

Why the Suns do it: This trade takes just under $4.9M off this year's salary cap, which puts them under the luxury tax and gives them at least $10M, probably more, in savings. They've reduced next year's cap value by about $7.6M

And the talent return is substantial.  Deng, Hinrich and Noah are a very solid return, and the Suns could credibly still get somewhere if Shaq and Nash play like a badasses this Spring.

Griz trade: Q. Ross
Griz get: Thabo, Simmons, Ruffin, $3M cash

The Griz do this because the net cost to them is only to partially cover Thabo's salary next season, and at that price Thabo is worth a flier.

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