Amare/Tyrus and Portland trade idea...

Ok, its 330 am and i haven't been able to stop thinking about the bulls and what we need to do.  I was at the game tonight so i may be a little buzzed still in my thinking.  I may be sipping on the koolaid that tyrus has been offering the last few games but i would hate to lose him...hate it. I have invested so much energy and attention on him it would be too weird to picture him in another uniform.  Ok well on to the point of this post....I want to do a 3 way trade that would involve not losing tyrus or noah but instead trading Deng as the centerpiece (im still obsessed with yaopau's post on busting the luol deng myth) CHI/POR/PHX.


Outgoing: Cedric Simmons, Drew Gooden, Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich

Incoming: Amare Stoudemire, Travis Outlaw, Leandro Barbosa


Outgoing: Nicolas Batum, Jerryd Bayless, Travis Outlaw, Raef LaFrentz

Incoming: Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich


Outgoing: Amare Stoudemire, Leandro Barbosa

Incoming: Cedric Simmons, Drew Gooden, Nicolas Batum, Jerryd Bayless, Raef LaFrentz


Why the do it....


Get our stud in Amare, get a backup that offers a lot of similarities to Rose in Barbosa and can also help out at SG. Also, with the departure of Deng we have Outlaw coming in to make sure the nocioni doesn't get starter minutes.  More positives, still have Hughes and Noc to dangle at the trade deadline, keep our young bigs in Tyrus and Noah.  Solid 9 man rotation that will compete in the East for sure with potential for another deal.

PG: Rose,Barbosa

SG: Gordon, Barbosa, Thabo

SF: Outlaw, Thabo, Noc

PF: Amare, TT

C: Noah, Amare


Get a starting SF and PG but at the expense of some younger players and expiring contracts. This gives them a great defensive and overall starting five but costs them some depth. Will need help from others to see if they and phoenix do the trade. They do keep Rudy, and Pryz to give them very solid back ups (channing frye as well?)


Phoenix gets solid and exciting young players as well as incredible cap flexibility and all of this for a player who is out the door.  They may get a better offer talent wise but it is hard to imagine they get more than simmons, gooden and lafrentzs contracts.  Again, need input from others if this is enough for Phoenix. I think I would offer a 1st rounder top 5 protected from either portland or chicago (probably chicago)

This is the deal i would do AS A BULLS FAN.  Would love to hear what other bulls fans think and especially blazers and suns fans.

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