Time for CHANGES!!!!

I'll start by saying this... I am truly embarrased to be a Chicago Bulls fan lately.  Its one thing to have a losing team but when they have NO EFFORT and NO DESIRE to even compete I don't know what else to say.  For this reason I believe it is time for management to make changes NOW instead of this summer.  Obviously this team is waiting for 2010 summer free agency but I suggest they should start rebuilding ASAP in order to prepare for free agency.  The following are my theories/thoughts:

Players to keep:

Rose - I still see him as a franchise player but needs teammates build around him for a team to succeed such as a shooter/scorer at SG.

Noah - He is a good defensive center that will cont. to get stronger and improve. 

Gibson - Appears to be a solid backup PF (small contract)

Johnson - I'd like to hold onto him to see what he is capable of once he learns the NBA game.  He is athletic and can score. (small contract)

Hunter/Gray/Pargo - Final year of contract, no body will want to trade for them.

Players to trade and trade ideas at this time:

* I believe these are trades the bulls could make NOW based on other teams needs and rumors.

Deng + Miller to Houston for Tracy McGrady, future 1st rounder. 

McGrady is a 1 year rental.  If he doesn't work, o well at least we got rid of Deng's Huge Contract.  Houston isn't really in the running to get a big time free agent and may want to get some value for McGrady with his big contract.  Also, they even get an expiring contract out of it with Miller.  At least he is a try for a scorer, and if anything his 22 mil comes off the books this offseason.

John Salmons to Utah for Kyle Korver, 2nd round pick.

Salmons may be valuable to a contending team.  Plus, Utah is in need of a SF since harpring is out for season.  Korver could be a good shooter to go with Rose for short term.

3 team trade: Hinrich to Indiana, Al Harrington/Eddy Curry to Chicago, Tyrus Thomas/Jerome James/T.J. Ford to New York. 

This trade in my opinion would work well for all teams.  First, the bulls would get a scoring PF that can shoot and rebound.  They also get a backup C that can score in the post.  Both these players are on last year of contract which would open up space for this offseason.  Indiana may get value for Ford since he is in his final year of contract and they will likely not get any big free agents.  They will have a need at PG and may like hinrich.  New york gets all expiring contracts but there has been rumors they really like Tyrus Thomas.  Also, T.J. ford could fit well in D'antoni's offense. 

Since The Bulls would need players to fill roster i'd sign Rashad Mccants for rest of this year and maybe Desmond Mason.

Bulls Lineup after these Trades:

Rose, Hunter

McGrady, Mccants, Pargo

Johnson, Korver, Mason

Harrington, Gibson

Noah, Curry, Gray

* All these players except Rose, Noah, Gibson, and Johnson are in final year of contract taking up only 11.5 mil next season (total)*

How this sets up for offseason:

1. Will have A TON of money to get a super star type player or two.

2. Can totally rebuild the team around Rose in the offseason.

3. Will likely get into lottery.

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