Draft thoughts from an outside perspective.

What's up Bulls fans? The season has been Topsy Turvy so far. You have my sympathy, but as a Hornets fan I'm in the same boat (actually fewer topsies more turvies). Anyways, like any NBA fan I like to look at matchups and combinations of players even beyond my team. I know it is early, but there are two guys in the draft that I really think would be pefect for the Bulls. One guy has been hyped up quite a bit, and the other less so.

Demarcus Cousins and James Anderson

Let's start with Cousins. He is the absolute perfect guy to put next to Noah. Being a Louisiana guy, I love Tyrus, but he just repliactes too much of what Noah already does. Very athletic, great defender, but skinny and narrow and without a refined offensive post game. Both get beat up by back to the basket bigs, and neither is a very talented post scorer. Most all great defensive teams have their post defender and their team defender. The post guy guards the Al Jeffersons and Tim Duncans. The team guy plays the pick and roll and weakside D. The Celtics are the best example of this with Perkins being the post guy and KG being the roamer. You guys have to roamers and no post guy other then Brad, who is a liability due to lack of mobility.

Cousins is the perfect compliment to Noah. He is extremely skilled, and a natural scorer from all over the court. Also, while isn't known for his defensive intensity, he has an nba body, basketball i.q. and naturally large frame that is perfect for post play. This would leave Noah free to roam the court on Pick and Rolls and help side D which is what he is best at, and save him from the pounding of bigger guys that he sucks at. Also it gives Noah another guy to get dishes from,. As a matter of fact, both players will benefit from the other's ability to pass creating a great hi-low game for the Bulls and adding another offensive factor. Eventually Cousins who get double teamed thereby getting Noah open more oftenfor layups and also providing more oppurtunity for offesnive rebounds and put backs when Cousins draws two bigs.

The downside with Demarcus is that he is thought to be a low character guy who dogs it. They said the same thign about Speights. I say look at his his body of work. He is 15 and 8 with 2.5 blocks in just 20 minutes of work. If Patrick Patterson isn't playing on Kentuck, Demarcus is a 20 and 10 guy right now in college. Those are crazy numbers. Also, this draft is really loaded at 4 so he will be available later then he should be. I see him being a one and done guy.


James Anderson is a guy who nobody talks about but I love his game. He is mostly a three point shooter, but has really improved his all around offensive game this year.He is averaging 20 points and 8 rebound from the 2 guard spot. He is actually having a better year then Wesley Johnson who everybody loves as a top 10 pick. He is already NBA ready. Great athelticism, his body is ready for the big leagues, and he really shows defensive intensity. He would give you guys another great defender, but one who could really space the floor for Rose and Deng. He is also a high character.  This kid is going to be a steal unless scouts realize his game this year.

His downside is that one he is older so there is less upside, and 2 he isn't a great ballhandler.

Obviously, this requires two picks. You'd have to trade for a late first rounder, although the way things are going for your season, you may be able to trade you pick for two picks in the 20's and be able to get both of these guys.

That's it for me. I'd love to hear your opinion on these guys.

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