3 Way Deal (Bulls, Kings, and Bucks)

While I watched one of the few games, that I'm able to see live earlier tonight.  And saw Tyrus actually come with enthusiasm (that block on Okafor was sick).  I started thinking of ways that we could get better this year and still be players in the offseason.  I came up with this trade, which originally was one for one deal with Sactown, until I started thinking about gaining some more cap space.  I think this makes sense for all teams involved, but I have been drinking some spiked egg nog, so u guys have a look..

The Bulls send Kirk Hinrich to Sactown, and John Salmons and Pargo to the Bucks.  In return, the Bucks send us Luke Ridnour and Jodie Meeks and Sactown sends Kevin Martin.


The Bulls do the trade because it gives us someone who can be a true scoring threat from the 2.  Kevin Martin when healthy is a scorer in the BG mold, only he's 6'7 and defends.  Yea his contract is a year longer than Kirk's but to me he's a great compliment to D. Rose in the backcourt for years to come.  Ridnour steps right in as our backup PG, that means no more seeing Hunter (thank God) and I think he could play opposite D. Rose or K-Mart pretty easily. Also, instead of wishing on a star that Salmons opts out, we know Ridnour expires after this year, so add a cool 6 mil to our cap space for the summer.  We also get a guy that many of us thought highly of coming into the draft in Meeks, who has been stuck on the bench recently for the Bucks, that can come in and get minutes as a backup SG.  Plus we get rid of Pargo.

Sacremento does the trade because it's obvious that Evans is the future there, and he is not a PG.  They get a quality PG to put beside him and build around Hinrich, Evans, and Thompson.  Throw in a solid lottery pick and u start to have the beginnings of something. 

The Bucks do it because they have no 3 that can actually play 3.  Skiles has Alexander glued to the bench and do u really want Delfino and whatever the guy's name is from UCLA manning the SF spot if u want to be a playoff contender?  I know I wouldn't.  And Skiles gets back one of his favorite players in Pargo.

Gives us a lineup of :

D. Rose / Ridnour

K-Mart / Meeks

Deng / J. Johnson

Tyrus / Taj

Noah / Miller


What u think?

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