Have the Bulls undervalued Tyrus Thomas?

If you're like me you'd have a hard time understanding the Chicago Bulls management in the past several years. I understand the Bulls choice to let Ben Gordon walk.. they want a Max FA in 2010. I never understood the years past of always wanting to trade BG. Now he's gone and the Bulls are gambling on someone to take their money and help pull them out of murky waters.

I won't even go into the reasons anymore of why I felt the best core to sell to a 2010 free agent would have been Rose, BG, Tyrus and Noah. Those were my favorite players. I felt like adding a big piece around that core would have been amazing and it would be a team I would love to watch. Let face it we have all at least flirted with the idea of LeBron coming here. How would that roster not fit perfectly around James?

Rose, BG, LeBron, Tyrus, Noah. That would have been straight up scary!

But I digress.. reality is setting in and the core the Bulls are selling is more like Rose, Hinrich, Deng, Noah. Look how thats working so far. Anyways..  the point of this FanPost is to notice the importance of Tyrus Thomas! We can't bring BG back here as much as we all wake up in the morning after giving up a 35 point lead and wish we could. I know that had BG and Tyrus been playing in that game it's a win. I don't even have to explain myself. I just know it. 

The Bulls have clearly undervalued Tyrus Thomas! 

Of course he's not perfect and who on this team is? Every player has their flaws. Some more than others. But I think it's important for the Bulls to understand what Tyrus Thomas offers this team which you just can't find growing off a tree. HE CAN CHANGE GAMES WITHOUT SCORING!!! I have said that the day he was drafted! He makes apposing teams have to watch their back. In the NBA momentum is a strange thing it can come off a block or a dunk and it can change a game. Tyrus has the ability to do this. 

We all know the numbers Tyrus can put up with a coach that doesn't jerk him around. Before Brad Miller and Salmons were traded for,  Tyrus was beasting averaging 15 points and a piling up blocked shots. Vinny had no choice but to play him and he produced big time for the Bulls. 

I have no idea what kinda game we'll see from Tyrus tonight but I feel like the Bulls are making a mistake letting Tyrus walk. 

I feel like the core going forward should be Rose, Tyrus and Noah. This would mean the Bulls moving Hinrich or Deng for expiring contracts. 



Please Bulls don't let Tyrus go! He's been a big reason to enjoy watching the Bulls. Stop letting our ballers go!

You're going to miss this Bulls fans.((((((((((((( I do.))))))))))))))))


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