We've Got To Rescue D. Wade

After watching the Heat - Wizards game tonight, I'm convinced that the Heat are even more of a one man team, than I believed them to be.  There's no way D. Wade stays after this year, and we should really be doing everything in our power to align things to get him next year.

I know a lot of people are going to say, well what would make him want to come here over staying with the Heat and getting those extra millions in the warm weather.  Well, look at the team that's around him.  The Heat will have a lot of money coming off the books this offseason, from my guess I would say about 38 mil, not counting D. Wade's salary.  So I guess they could go out and sign someone like Boozer and resign Wade, but that still leaves them with a starting lineup of :

PG Chalmers

SG D. Wade

SF Beasley

PF Boozer

C  FA Pickup / Draft

Is that the team that u think he sees giving him a chance to contend for a title?  I don't think so.  And if the salary cap shrinks again, then that gives them even less money to fill in those gaps and the bench.

Now, I've heard that we would have to get rid of Hinrich or Ty Thomas's contracts (maybe both) if we want to have enough money to get a premier FA.  I say we start with Thomas, I love his potential, but if he's in the way of getting D. Wade I say he can go.  Now you're gonna have to follow me on this one.

We trade Tyrus and Jerome James for Boozer, we can give them some cash or a 2nd rounder for fill in.  The Jazz do this because at present time they r going nowhere fast and will want to get his contract off the books, before the luxary tax deadline.  We get a low post presence for a year, and added salary cap space at the end of the year.  This move will give us 24 mil coming off the books.  That should be enough space to sign D. Wade.

Our lineup as it exists today is missing the go-to scorer (which we lost when we let BG walk), but even with saying that we have really good pieces in place and that are locked up for the near future.  I'll take Rose and Noah over Chalmers and Beasley every day of the week.  Throw in Deng, who seems to be showing that he's healthy, and that's a pretty good core group.  Reinsdorf has avoided going into the luxury tax like the plague, but I thought I heard he would do so for a championship contender.  So say we sign D.Wade for the max and then come back and pick up someone like David Lee for another 8 or 9 mil.  This puts us over the cap (I believe, not sure), but not by much and leaves us with this team:

PG D. Rose

SG D. Wade

SF Deng

PF David Lee

C Joakim Noah

With Salmons (if he opts in), Gibson, Johnson coming off the bench.  Even if u leave out David Lee and substitute Gibson in.  That lineup still looks better than what Miami can throw out.


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