Game Preview #4: Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks

[UPDATE by your friendly BullsBlogger, 11/03/09 12:43 PM CST : Tyrus missed shootaround with the flu, Taj Gibson will start tonight whether or not Tyrus is available.

Thanks to Ozzie Montana for today's game preview. Sign up if you want to do one in the future. I figure the Bulls have an easy blowout, and we all laugh at how it made sense the Bulls offense to start out cruddy against three good defensive teams. But we'll also likely be wrong then thinking the offensive efficiency problem will go away. But if they lose...real fun begins here. -ed]

You have to hand it to this team. They really know how to crush even the most mild of expectations. Fortunately, the Bulls have a chance to right the ship against an even more unimpressive franchise (For one night, at least).

The Bucks, as we all know, lost a ton of talent in the offseason letting go of Vilanueva, Sessions, and Jefferson. Also, it looks like they're already giving up on last year's lottery choice. Joe Alexander is going to the highest draft pick to be refused the rookie option, making him an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. I'm sure they would love a re-do considering Brook Lopez and Anthony Randolph were still on the board. However, it looks like they made a great addition this year with Brandon Jennings, who dominated against Detroit (24 pts, 9/15 shooting), including a perfect 3rd quarter. Too bad the rest of the team is a collection of overrated and overpaid players. Michael Redd is injured yet again (17 million dollar salary FYI), and will likely start Carlos Delfino, Kurt Thomas, and Charlie Bell to go along with Jennings and Bogut. But, since Skiles is the coach, they will somehow remain competitive in a lot of games and play inspired defense. 

As for our Bulls, what else is there to say at this point? The "Derrick Rose doesn't have the dog" topic has been beaten to death in one weekend. Tyrus Thomas is already being pointlessly benched in favor of Malik Allen re-incarnate Taj Gibson. Instead, let's talk about the crapulent 3 point shooting! When you have a guy like Ben Gordon on the team for 5 seasons, you really take elite outside shooting for granted. John Salmons and Kirk Hinrich were fantastic last year from the arc, but in 3 games they are a combined 5 for 32. What's even more disheartening is a lot of these looks are the result of great ball movement, and they're still not going in. Another reason for the poor offense may be due to the fact they are playing a bunch of teams that love to slow the pace down, and the guys aren't getting into any kind of a rhythm when forced into so many half-court sets.

Expecting anything from the Bulls is an exercise in disappointment, so hopefully Derrick is feeling better today and can go toe-to-toe with the "next greatest franchise PG that hasn't accomplished anything but is still better than Rose."

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