Trade ideas: Hinrich for Kevin Martin / Ship out Salmons

Bulls trade Kirk Hinrich, James Johnson ($11.1M this year, $10.7M next year)

Kings trade Kevin Martin ($10.6M this year)


Why this works for the Kings.

Tyreke Evans looks mostly like a wing player who would be well-complemented by a solid PG. The Kings don't have a solid point guard. It's unclear how well Evans and Martin will work together since they both appear to work best at the same position.  Hinrich would fill the PG role and, because his salary declines over the next few years, constitute savings vs. Martin. Johnson is still a decent prospect, and if he turns out not to work, the Kings can save money by not picking up his options down the road.

Why this works for the Bulls

We are so screwed in the scoring department for this year it's not even funny. Martin seems like an ideal fit in that respect. He's a good scorer and a very good shooter from distance. In those senses, he seems like he'd be a very good player to fit between Deng and Rose. Defensively I don't think he's quite as good as Kirk, but I don't think he'd have a tangibly negative effect on team defense either. We'll live and die up front.

In the longer run, this is essentially a push financially, so it doesn't kill the idea of getting a 2010 free agent. We'd still need to ensure Salmons opts out, or is traded to have significant cap space, but that's been the name of the game up to this point anyway.  With Martin in the fold, however, our reliance on a risky plan would go down quite a bit.

After the jump, another trade and some general thoughts for a Bulls plan for success

I started thinking of the K-Mart Hinrich trade in the context of someone on S2 suggesting Deng for K-Mart. Unfortunately, I don't know that Deng for K-Mart would do much for us. I sort of like the idea of Kevin Martin, but I don't know if trading Deng to get him makes us much different. He's rather less injury prone, but still pretty injury prone. I don't know if dollar for dollar he's much of a better risk than Deng.

The best case scenario for that is we've recreated the devastating Salmons/K-Mart attack the Kings had going for them last year. Oh wait....

Maybe we're better off just ignoring the risk of everyone's injuries and trying to combine Deng and K-Mart. I'd like it better than the Salmons/K-Mart movie, which was a bomb the first time around.

Beyond that, it fits into my thinking of a balanced offensive attack, by adding a true outside threat to complement Deng's mid-range game and Rose's ability to attack the basket.  Getting Tyrus back and getting good production up front would be the ideal final step, but first lets focus on what we can control.

Speaking of control and Salmons, a concern especially after this sort of trade would be our prospects for free agency next year. We need Salmons to opt out, or we need to trade him for expiring contracts. Also, we need to worry about depth. If we trade away Kirk and JJ, even getting back a guard leaves us with no real backup PG. Trading Salmons leaves our depth on the wings iffy.

So the ideal situation would be a second trade that sends out Salmons -and, if we could manage it- pulling the plug on Pargo- and replacing them with real depth that could help us throughout the rest of the season, then be off our cap.

With those thoughts in mind, how about

Salmons for Keyon Dooling and Jarvis Hayes?

Salmons and Jerome James (and potentially a 2010 protected 1st rounder) for Mike Miller and Randy Foye?

Both of these trades would fill out the team with actual, somewhat capable depth without hurting our longer run position.

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