What's going on in Derrick Rose's head?

I was read this article by KC Johnson tonight about Derrick Rose and I started to think damn it Derrick! Stop that! Stop taking questions about struggling. Next question. 

I personally think the older you get in the game of basketball the more you need to know yourself. Sometimes when your struggling in life the best thing you can do is get back to work and get it out of your mind. Maybe thats what Derrick needs to do. Just stop thinking and play basketball. 

Go back to basics. He needs to stop putting this pressure on himself and just go to work and not think about yesterday. 

That is what he will figure out in due time that he's not always going to play like game one in Boston. Derrick you just need to believe in yourself and ignore what people are saying. 

I thought this was a very telling quote... 

"(My friends) are just telling me to go out there and play. They said it seems like I'm not happy out there. I'm definitely happy we're winning. But they said it doesn't seem like me out there."

So in other words you're happy the team is winning but your not happy by how you're playing? I wish KC would have followed up and dug deeper. Why isn't Rose happy? I have noticed the same things during games. That he seems disconnected or like his mind is in another place. Maybe this is Derrick when he frustrated? He hides his emotions and I don't think thats good for the young fellow. Is it just the ankle thats holding Rose back or is it his mind? Is he getting into his own head? Maybe he's not gelling with his teammates? I feel like he built this image of himself that maybe isn't seen behind closed doors. I feel like there is something more to the story than just Derrick Rose's ankle and conditioning. 

Sometimes the biggest battle is inside your own mind. Lets hope thats all it is. 

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