Trading for Pf not so appealing this year.

I wanted to have a decent chat with some of my fellow bulls fan and see how they felt about this team and our future as bulls fans. I know alot of us are throwing out every trade scenario that we can fathom, and will continue to until our team isn't dull offensively. 

To jump into the thick of what I wanted to discuss was... I feel that our team shouldn't dump half of our role players for a PF unless it is Bosh and Bosh only. Outside of Bosh I feel Stat and Boozer just isn't worth breaking up this unit no matter how bad our offense tends to look. Mind you I wouldn't mind giving up a 2 for 1 like hinrich/Thomas for a boozer, but I feel that the teams that want some sort of Deng,Thomas, Hinrich, Salmons, James, Miller combo is just asking for too much. 

I know we need some Post/Hi-Low PnR scoring DESPERATELY but I think if we can be in position for a lottery or better in the draft we would only have to worry about finding our #1 scorer in free agency rather than Hoping and Praying for this Wade/Lebron and Bosh/Boozer fantasy that WON'T Happen. Why? simple answer is No Player in the entire league likes, respect, or would willingly want to consistently have to deal with JR. Trust me there is no amount of downplaying this fact that can make it untrue, and the nba players know way better than us how bad he really is as a person. For the record the ONLY way Wade comes here next year is if he has some raging fantasy about playing for his home team, that means more to him than the roughly 8-14million per year he'd lose to come play for a horrible organization, and coach. The market means nothing to Wade he is a staple of the nba his popularity won't increase or decrease no matter where he plays minus a New York or LA setting.

I mentioned the draft and any of you college bball fans can agree that the 2010 draft will be as good if not better for PF's than this years draft was for PG's it's Possible that about 40% of the first round next year will be PF's. I mean there are all types of PF's coming out next year minus John Wall(pg) that should be a top 3 if not the no 1.

So what I was thinking about maybe trading just One player for a 6-12 range first round selection instead of trading 3,4, or 5 players for one of those almost aging PF's that may be up for trade this year. My thinking is well make the playoffs this year so lottery is out of the question. If we were to Lure in a Joe Johnson and trade Thomas and our first round for like a 6th pick we would still have a strong team that could contend as soon as our PF's can hold their own. Which should be the 2011 season which is realistically the goal we should be looking at for contending anyway. Face It Lakers, Celtics, Magic, and maybe Spurs and Denver are the ONLY teams that has a chance at winning until the 2011 season.

Rose, Joe Johnson, Deng, Noah, and any average or better Post PF, Taj, and even Kirk  should step into the Next up for Contention role in the East with the down fall of the aging vet's either having diminishing skills or us catching up to thier skill set. Orlando is he only set year in and year out East contender, depending on when or if Boston fizzles out, and where Lebron/Bosh/Wade sign.

My Question to my fellow fans is .... Is the Bulls roster and Cap better suited for a Trade for a Established PF that may only have 3,4, or five yrs in the tank for their career, or Should we try to trade now for a nice draft position and find the best PF for our team, or Should we "Stay the course" and hope big free agent signings???

PS -  Fans that are getting nervous about Rose's play dont worry too much, I know he isn't being aggressive enough yet but the Pg isn't supposed to be the focal scorer in this system and at some time some one has to hit off of a pass for him to get an assist after the circus trip Rose should start some progression and remind us of the guy we all loved last year. His Team Defense IS getting a little better i guess Kirk is rubbing off on him. 

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