I'm gonna keep on proposing trades...

4 way deal.  Only happens if toronto feels inclined to deal bosh obviously,  most likely they wont, but who knows what could happen at the trade deadline.


Bulls Send out Hinrich (to Kings), Thomas and Deng (to Raptors) Johnson (Warriors)

Toronto sends Bosh to Bulls

Warriors send Speedy Claxton (salary filler) Devean George and Azubuike to the Bulls 

Kings send Kenny Thomas to the Warriors (salary filler) and Sergio Rodriguez to the Bulls 

Salary works out.  The only player with more than 1 year on their contract is Hinrich and Deng


The bulls give up a lot, but they get Bosh, And could possibly have enough salary to sign another Star next season Rose, Noah,  Taj, and Salmons if he opts in are the only salaries we'd have to deal with which is about 10 Mil + salmons possibly, + resigning bosh for max at about 20 mil? (dont know the exact contract numbers) that would leave us with about another 20 mil under the cap. to sign wade, lebron, whomever...

This season the bulls would be left with

PG- Rose, Rodriguez, claxton (most likely bought out)

SG-Azuibuike, Pargo

SF-Salmons, George

PF- Bosh, Taj

C- Noah, Miller

Next year our team would look like Rose, X, X, Bosh Noah.  Taj off the bench, with about 25 Mil of cap space.

Toronto would only do this if they were certain bosh was leaving.  But they are getting two players they can keep long term in toronto.  Deng playing better only makes the trade more likely.  They could also match any offer tyrus got this offseason.  

Warriors i have no idea.  They are dysfunctional.  I added them because teh bulls needed a SG/SF this season to fill the spots vacated by Deng and Hinrich.  Any team could be substituted for the warriors role in this trade, but the warriors are hte most likely to do something stupid. (they would still have ellis, Curry, Morrow, maggette, Jackson, randolph, wright, Biedrins, and Turiaf.  and they would get James johnson to add some girth to their lanky team.  I also thought that the kings could send brockman to the warriors but thats not really a big deal. (it would work if it had to be done)

Kings trade 2 expiring contracts, for a proven PG,  Tyreke evans can move to the 2 now, Kevin martin can play the 3.  Thompson at the 4, Hawes at the 5, with casspi and Nocioni off the bench.. suddenly they have a team? Maybe they could throw in Donte green instead of the warriors giving us devean george.  I dunno how much they like green, or how much they value hinrich.  

Again, this is all predicated on teh fact that the raptors would be willing to trade bosh.  I would throw our 1st round pick anywhere in this deal to make it work cause we would end up throwing all our eggs into the 2010 basket, but at least we would still keep a pretty solid core Rose, Bosh, Noah, and Taj.  We've got our Bigs taken care of, our PG taken care of, and could bid high on Wade, Bron, or joe Johnson.  Who wouldnt want to play on a team like that.  If we got any of those 3 guys, we could sign anyone as a back up for minimum contracts and still dominate. 

I Know this is a pipe dream, but at least its kind of a thought out pipe dream, and not too ludicrous...If nothing else its original.

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