A brief Chicago Sacramento trade idea

First, I am a Kings fan. Second, I am not crazy. I don't expect the Bulls to give up Tyrus Thomas. Third, I realize Jerry Reinsdorf is a piece of shit, and won't pay luxury tax. Fourth, I realize there are several players that you all would like to get rid of, and fifth, Andres Nocioni is a piece of crap the Kings do not need. (That would also include being the final straw as a fan. Fuck that shit.) Finally, and I say this knowing some of the response coming from StR on this particular topic, is that they will not like this trade. I do not care, and while I'm not necessarily thrilled with the prospect of Hughes running his mouth about the time, and the prospects it has on a toxic locker room, I want to see the Kings shake things up. It starts with their veterans.

 We're all aware of Matt's wanting Brad Miller. Done, and no problem there. But, that also means the Bulls must take Beno Udrih back. However, this means the Kings take Kirk Hinrich away from the Bulls. Drew Gooden, Kenny Thomas, and that magical Larry Hughes I know you all love so much, would also be included. Here's the trade machine, and a link to DX's salary info for the Bulls, as well as the Kings.

Salaries outgoing for the Kings are: 25,522,500

Salaries outgoing for the Bulls are: 29,978,859

Now, to be honest, my main worry was that doing the deal would make the Bulls a tax paying team. The good news is that it does not. Which means I can actually add a player to this deal, and I have several in mind. Mainly, Shelden Williams or Quincy Douby, and while I'd rather give up Douby, and keep Williams, either is acceptable. You all can discuss that as well. (I prefer Shelden because he's a big body, and I can hate him because he's married to Candace Parker, and may have a future Michael Jordan on his hands too. I hope the kids are twins, and both dominate basketball. And, too, I hope to say they were both born in Sactown. But whatever.) The good news by adding this extra player (hopefully Douby), is that the Bulls do have an open roster spot yes? So, that means they would be able to get a deal done that way. The Kings won't pay the tax, if they do the deal, because they are taking most of Shareef Abdur Rahim's salary off the books (although it hasn't been reported they've filed the paperwork with the league--and I wonder exactly how much salary would be taken off--but whatever) due to his medical retirement. Although the only hitch here, as far as I can see, is that the Kings (barely under the tax line like the Bulls are) with taking on the extra salary to do this deal would barely hike over the tax to make it. I think that's a deal killer. (Or maybe a Shelden Williams in Sactown killer.)

Either way, that's my idea.

Larry Hughes, Kirk Hinrich and Drew Gooden


Brad Miller, Kenny Thomas and Beno Udrih and Quincy Douby

Lemme know whatcha think.

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