(UPDATED)The Chairman gives a token few minutes about his basketball team in between a half hour about SoxFest

[UPDATE: KC was nice enough to transcribe the whole conversation.]

Mike North: You have a coach that has a two-year deal. … Going into next year, if you do keep Vinny Del Negro, would he considered a lame duck coach?

Jerry Reinsdorf: I think he's signed for three years.

Mike North: Is one an option year?

Jerry Reinsdorf: I don't think so. I don't remember. I don't think so.

Mike North: Where would you rate this season?

Jerry Reinsdorf: You want the grade up till today? What's the lowest grade you can give? This has been a disaster. It's embarrassing. But it will get better.

Mike North: With the same people?

Jerry Reinsdorf: Well, we'll see. John Paxson is not going to let this situation continue.

Dan Jiggetts: How comfortable are you with John at the helm?

Jerry Reinsdorf: When you have a team that's not performing it's an organization failure. You win and you lose as an organization. But if there's one person that is not responsible for what's going on right now, it's John Paxson. I have tremendous confidence in John Paxson. He's really one of the best people that I know. He's a great general manager and a great judge of talent. I just worry that he not be too hard on himself. He takes all of this very, very seriously.

Mike North: To say that he's not at all responsible … he brought in the players. So are the players not being coached up?

Jerry Reinsdorf: I have a lot of thoughts about that but they're not thoughts that I really can say publicly. All I know is what we have right now is not good and we have to get it better. They are playing hard in the last half-dozen or so games. We had some games where…

Mike North: You knew they were mailing it in.

Jerry Reinsdorf: They were mailing it in and I felt like standing up and booing along with everybody else. They're not mailing it in anymore.

Jerry Reinsdorf: We have a great player in Derrick Rose. When I first got involved with the Bulls, we had one great player (Michael Jordan). When we won our first championship, he was the only player left from the original team. We will build around Derrick Rose. Every player that's added to this team will be a player who can feed off of him. … This is not going to take changing 11 players. We do have some pretty good players on this club. Obviously what we lack is an inside presence. That's the biggest thing we are missing and somehow we have to find it.


Morons in the Morning page. (8-9am hour, 1/30)

Here's the direct MP3 link


Recap (Bulls talk starts at ~37:40):

  • North doesn't even suggest Vinny could be gone season, but worries about lame-duck status next season. Reinsdorf claims Vinny might have a 3 year deal but doesn't remember. (Awesome)
  • Reinsdorf calls Bulls up to today a "disaster", "embarrassing", "lowest grade possible"
  • Implicitly endorses Paxson as the person who's "not going to let it continue".
  • "It will get better".
  • "Organization failure".
  • "If there's one person who is NOT responsible, it's John Paxson". His worry is that Pax will "too hard on himself". (ugh)
  • North does a good job and presses how the GM cannot be responsible. Reinsdorf does not take the bait by saying who is responsible, says that he "has a lot of thoughts", but can't say.
  • Says team is "playing hard". May have been mailing it in more earlier in the season.
  • Emphasizes how great important Rose is and how every move will be for his sake. Says that it won't take changing 11 players around him, some here now are keepers. Need inside presence.

As has been theorized before: Pax is only gone if he wants to be gone.



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