Yet Another Trade Proposal - Bulls / Sixers / Knicks


With the revelation that Elton Brand is on the block and the recent story that the Sixers might be looking to deal Andre Miller if they feel they can't lock him up this summer, I decided to go a litle crazy on the trade machine.


My first objective in this deal was putting together a package that would be financially appealing to the Sixers and looking for a team that would be interested in Miller and had some pieces to deal for him.  I came up with the Knicks.  Now some people might say that he's not a good fit for them because they wouldn't be able to lock him up long term or might not even want to do that. I say that this is besides the point.  The Knicks, with the 7SOL style and a real PG like Miller could actually make a run at the playoffs.  They are just 1 game back of Milwaukee for the 8th seed in the East.  Getting playoff basketball back in MSG would be HUGE for the Knicks' fans and for revenue.  Especially if they happen to line up against a certain team from Cleveland in the first round. 


So how do we make the deal happen?  Here we go.

Bulls receive: Elton Brand, Malik Rose, and Nate Robinson

Sixers receive: Larry Hughes, Kirk Hinrich, and David Lee

Knicks receive: Andre Miller


The biggest problem with the deal that I can see is convincing the Sixers that the package they receive is enough for Brand and Miller.  We might have to throw in a first-round pick.  Even with that pick thrown in I like the deal, because it allows us to dump Hinrich for a good post player (5 years at 13 - 16 million for Brand vs. 4 years of 9-10 million for Hinrich), and allows us to essentially get rid of Hughes for Malik Rose and Nate Rob's expirings.  We could then re-sign Gordon with those savings combined with Drew Gooden's expiring money.  I think it's a pretty good haul for the Sixers as they get out from the Brand deal which was a mistake for them given that he doesn't fit the only style that they seem to be good at playing.  Hughes is garbage, but he's a 2010 expiring and they could flip him next year.  They get Hinrich who is a starting caliber PG locked in on a reasonable deal for the production they'd be getting out of him, and David Lee to replace Brand at PF, who is a much better fit for their youth movement and the pace at which they like to play the game. Those three things should be enough for the Sixers to seriously consider the deal, and then if we were to throw in a first round pick, I think that would certainly seal the deal.


What does this rotation leave the Bulls with?

PG: Rose / Nate Rob

SG: Gordon / Thabo

SF: Deng / Noc

PF: Brand / Tyrus

C: Noah / Gooden / Gray

Non-rotation players: Ruffin, Simmons, Malik Rose, Hunter

In my view, that's a much better team than the one we have currently.  Gooden can be made to sit on the bench for the rest of the season, or dealt for some other piece or contract.  The best part of that starting 5 is that the players complement one another on both sides of the floor.  Brand has been a good defender historically, especially at blocking shots.  Noah is a good defender and so is Deng. The backcourt's defense wouldn't be so great, but it is and would continue to be a great offensive backcourt and giving Gordon and Rose a post player to take the pressure off of them would certainly help out a lot.



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