Would you want Andrei Kirilenko

  Would you be happy adding Andrei Kirilenko to our team?  I scoffed at this article when I first saw it, but as I've thought about it I've liked it more and more.  I don't think Kirilenko is perfect for our team, but I do really like the idea.  I think in many ways he sort of duplicates Tyrus Thomas (scronny long athlete), except Kirilenko is better and Thomas has a higher ceiling.  Regardless, I love the idea of duplicating Thomas.  

  I am going to propose a trade scenario and I was hoping to get some feedback on it.  We could debate player value all day and I don't really want to get into that, more I just want to focus on these two facets of the trade: 1) does this trade improve the bulls more than maintaining the status quo (assume that we resign Gordon at around $10 million per year), and then 2) is there someone better the Bulls could acquire?  I think if these two conditions are met, then the trade would be a "win," regardless of the filler we acquire with Kirilenko.  With regards to the second point: the only names I thought of that are better than Kirilenko and would be readily acquirable are Brad Miller and Shawn Marion.  I like acquiring Kirilenko more because of his age (27), his contract duration provides us with time to figure out what to do if Thomas is a bust, his acquisition would allow us to move Gooden and use his valuable expiring contract to acquire something of value (like a young quality backup center), and under these conditions Kirilenko would not get in the way of the team's development; ie. there would be enough minutes to go around (I think Brad Miller would eat up too much of Noah's playing time and I am not sure I like he idea of Noah at the PF position).  See bottom of post for an idea about playing time.

  So after a lot of rambling, would you be content with trading Nocioni and either Hinrich or Gordon for Andrei Kirilenko?  I don't think this is a fair trade and I think the bulls could get more and would ask for more, but to avoid the economics of players trading would you be content with this "kind of move"?  Again, this would necessitate Gooden being traded for a true center, as we would have a glut at the PF position, but I think our only weak point on the roster would be at the backup center position, and I think most teams would trade a backup center for Gooden (Roy Hibbert maybe?).  


The Cons

We give up on the 2010 free agent lottery because Kirilenko's deal is $17million that year.

If Kirilenko doesn't fit in, he could me unmovable because so many team want in on the 2010 FA lottery.

He's not old, but he's not young.  I don't know if we would want to resign him after is 3 years are up.

Not exactly known as a "go-to guy"


The Pros

He is known as being a good passer.  That'll be important both for when Rose is resting, and additionally every good passer makes Rose's transition a bit easier.

He's a versatile defender

His offense is passable (on our team maybe even good)

Kirilenko gives us a back up plan if Thomas doesn't pan out (imagine what would happen if Thomas stunk and Gooden moved on next year)

Gets rid of Nocioni

We're not giving up and waiting until 2010


Playing time distribution

If we trade Gordon and Nocioni for Kirilenko

1 Minutes 2 Minutes 3 Minutes 4 Minutes 5 Minutes
Rose 32 Hinrich 19 Deng 35 Kirilenko 20 Noah 25-28
Hinrich 16 Thabo 29 Kirilenko 13 Thomas 28 “Gooden Trade” 20-23


If we trade Hinrich and Nocioni for Kirilenko


1 Minutes 2 Minutes 3 Minutes 4 Minutes 5 Minutes
Rose 32 Gordon 34 Deng 35 Kirilenko 20 Noah 25-28
Thabo 16 Thabo 18 Kirilenko 13 Thomas 28 “Gooden Trade” 20-23


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