Sign and Trade Possibility for BG

I was looking through this hoopsworld article, and it says:

"Gordon and BYC:  Assuming Gordon would accept a contract starting at roughly $10 million a season, the Bulls would have to send out an additional player to offset the BYC factor.  Considering the $25 million still owed to Larry Hughes over the next two seasons, the Bulls would probably have to include Andres Nocioni, Drew Gooden or Ty Thomas in any Gordon package.

Gordon ($10 million) with Tyrus Thomas permits the Bulls to take in a maximum of $11,037,350.  The receiving team would be credited with taking in $13.7 million in salary for which they would have to send out a minimum of $10,919,904 to match.  Of course, Gordon's amount could be adjusted and other throw-ins included, but the parameters for a workable deal may be very narrow.

Gordon combined with Gooden enables Chicago to take in as much as $15,288,978 in salary.  The trade partner would need to send out at least $13,640,946.  The numbers are slightly higher for Nocioni, who makes about $850k more than Gooden."

That got me thinking of sign and trade possibilities, so I went to the trade machine. I looked through the other teams' rosters, and tried to find some teams that would like to trade for Gordon and give him the money he wants. The team needs to be: 1. willing to spend money. 2. a good fit for Gordon. 3. have players that the Bulls might like to trade for. and 4. have contracts that make the deal work (preferrably short ones).

One team that fits all 4 requirements is the Lakers.

The Bulls acquire Lamar Odom, Jordan Farmar and Trevor Ariza (or not, I just like him).

The Lakers receive Ben Gordon (s+t for 10 mil in first year), Andres Nocioni, Joe Smith trade exception, and Cedric Simmons (if possible/necessary).

I know that trade exceptions can't be combined and have to be traded separately, but I think the Bulls can trade it for Trevor Ariza and Jordan Farmar (and if they can only get one player in return, then it'll be Ariza and Farmar will be included in the other deal with Odom, and the Cedric Simmons cntract balances everything out I think).

This trade works for Gordon because he gets his money and goes to a team that he feels wants him more. It works for the Bulls because they get rid of Nocioni's terrible contract, settle the Gordon negotiation, and get young players (Farmar and Ariza) and a good player (and expiring contract) in Lamar Odom. The Lakers don't really like Odom (I think) and Gordon would be great on a team where he's surrounded by Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum. The Bulls could also probably get some draft picks from the Lakers (in the late 20s probably).

I would still like to keep Gordon, but if nothing can be agreed upon then I think this trade is a good trade for both teams, benefits Gordon, and is a lot better than the QO for everyone involved.

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