IN THE YEAR 2010... Free agent list, trade idea's.

Wow, I was already of the opinion that the Bulls should be working to clear cap space for 2010, because, as has been widely reported, Lebron, Wade, Bosh, and Amare are all set to be free agents that year...

I don't think anybody outside of NY or Cleveland has a shot at Lebron, and I see Wade staying in Miami, but I figured, maybe Bosh or Amare would love to come and play with Derrick Rose.

But then I stumbled accross this article from hoopsworld... and it really opened my eyes... there is a ton of value on the market, and there is no reason that we shouldn't be aggressive getting ourselves in a position to have a huge summer that year. It really feels like the kind of market where we couldn't go wrong. We could miss on the 3 or 4 best players, and still land a superstar.

We're probably stuck with Hughes anyway, so hey, at least he is an expiring deal that year. And really, as much fun as it is to pick on Hughes and hate him in our posts (I have done it as much as anyone) It also isn't crazy to think that he will be better next season than he was last. He came halfway through the season last year to a team with selfish play, HORRIBLE coaching, and no communication.

This year, he has the benifit of a full offseason, better coaching (No way VDN is as bad as Boylan) and hopefully, a more unselfish team. Larry Hughes plays best as a slasher, and he cuts fairly well without the ball. The trouble is, he got lazy and started hoisting ill-advised jump shots a few years ago, and nobody has been able to talk him out of it. Maybe Rose finding him slashing to the hole, and VDN explaining his value as a slasher will help. It can't hurt.

Then, I would say trade for Camby, right now. The Nuggets are said to be willing to get rid of Camby. They are also said to be after Kirk. We are the most shallow at center right now. And Camby has another contract coming off the books for 2010. Give them Kirk for Camby. I like Camby in a even time split with Noah. Shot blocking and help defense will always have a place with me.

Maybe then... Nocioni for Al Harrington? Harrington wants out, and John Paxon likes him, or at least he did a few years ago (We were supposed to trade the draft pick that became Deng for Harrington) and I think, he could fit here. He is a bit of a defensive liability, but he can play both forward spots, and is a shooter and a scorer. He is a good fit for an uptempo pick and roll offense, which is what we're supposed to run next year. We would be losing a little defense in this trade, but gaining a more consistant shooter and scorer. Plus, he can post up a bit when playing against 3's. Also, much more importantly, it's another contract coming off the books before 2010.

Between Hughes, Camby, and Harrington, we would have $31,332,113.00 Coming off the books. We would have to resign Tyrus that year, but still, That might be enough to sign two max players if we structure the deals right. Or one max player and two stars. 

We would be choosing a few from this list... in no particular order... Amare Stoudamire, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Dirk Nowitzki, Josh Howard, Mike Redd, Tyson Chandler, Joe Johnson, Ray Allen, Manu Ginobili, Tracey McGrady, Shaquille O'Neal,  Brad Miller, Stephen Jackson, Jermaine O'Neal, Mike Miller, Rip Hamilton... and on and on, click the Hoopsworld link, it's fantastic.

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