General Day-After Draft Thoughts

Since the friendly dictator decided to create a thread for each of the Bulls' two picks, I thought it appropriate to deflect all general post-draft discussion to yet another thread. Feel free to bemoan who got better when you didn't think they had a chance to and who was just plain stupid. (Chad Ford provides his "grades.")

A few thoughts of my own:

Sacramento is either stupid or genius; I'd go with the former. Bill Simmons says it best.

Andy Katz tells us the Kings loved Thompson because "he was the best player they worked out." That's always smart -- ignore four years of his college games and concentrate on his two workouts.

I'm mildly impressed w/ what Indiana did. I don't think they'll be an "elite" team anytime soon, but I think they've immediately become a Top-4 team in the East. I think Ford, Rush and Hibbert have a chance to be good to really good players, just not great. They'll be a tough team for the Bulls to beat the next couple, but in 3-5 years their potential will be tapped. Not too bad for "rebuilding on the fly"--a term usually reserved for the NFL.

Wait, Minnesota had a good draft??? Love, Mike Miller and one of the three decent Euro prospects in Pekovic supposedly makes it so. Since it's McHale, though, I'm still skeptical.

Miami didn't do too poorly. Even if Wade and Marion end up leaving, Miami won't have a bad core to build around (especially if they get anything of value in a sign-and-trade for either one). Beasley, Chalmers and Darnell Jackson--all liked by Hollinger, by the way.

And you can't finish off any draft talk without some discussion of the Blazers. I'm actually not that impressed with the draft. Yes, Bayless was a steal, but I'm not high on him. I think he and Batum have two great ceilings, but I think they both have pretty low floors as well. What if Bayless doesn't learn how to run the point? What if Batum never fills out? The good thing for the Blazers is that both have, reportedly, great work ethics. They were swing-for-the-fences picks, in my opinion. Either they'll vault the Blazers to one of the greatest teams ever, or they'll stick the Blazers in that 50-60 win club year-in/year-out. Although, if that happens, I'm sure the Blazers will have plenty of assets to further improve.

Oh, and did Seattle really do that well? They get the biggest question marks of the draft.

So anyway, what are your thoughts? Who do you think "won" this draft? Who lost? Who are you upset about thinking they got someone you wish the Bulls would have? Who are you laughing at?

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