Enlightenment Requested

First, an introduction and a little sucking up. I'm section214 and I am a participant and occasional writer for Sactown Royalty. I was born and raised (and reside) in Sacramento, but I spent two glorious years living in downtown Chicago. Greatest city in the world, inhabited by the greatest people. The Bulls are my east coast team, and a Kings/Bulls finals is my definition of heaven.

Because I live in Sacramento, our time is being spent on the next tier of draftee (Russell Westbrook, Darrell Arthur - I'm sure you recall these guys from conversations you were probably having prior to May 21st). As a result, I have not invested a lot of time in Mr. Beasley and Mr. Rose.

I was surprised to see that your poll has the Blog a Bull population taking Rose at a 3-1 clip. I know that Rose is the hometown guy but from reading the posts here I also know that you folks would draft a player from Venus if he were the best player available.

So my question is, how and when did Rose become "the guy?"

At the beginning of the NCAA tourney, Beasley was the consensus #1 to go in the draft. Beasley was good in the tourney, but Rose was better, helped in part by the fact that the was on a better team that player deeper into the tourney. His play was stellar, but was it enough to vault him over Beasley?

My concern is whether or not the play of Chris Paul and Deron Williams has had a major impact. It's a dangerous game if the exploits of these two could improve Rose's stock. And for what it's worth, only Isiah Thomas, Chauncy Billups and Tony Parker have been finals MVP's from the PG position over the past 20 years, and this year's final will feature a Derek Fisher/Rajon Rondo match up.

All of that being said, Rose might still be the pick. And let me add that I wish that we were faced with such a problem in Sacramento.

Again, this is not a challenge to the conventional wisdom here. It is more of a request for knowledge as it pertains to a portion of the draft that I will be watching with great interest...and a tiny bit of envy.

Go Bulls! Go Kings!



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