Send out Kirk & Deng for... Championship...

I have found the perfect trade partner for the Bulls- the Denver Nuggets.  This team is the ying to the Bulls yang.  Their coach understands what Paxson already knows about his own team; they need to make major changes if they are going to compete with the top team’s in their conference.  Denver has too much scoring and not enough defense.  Here me out before you start bashing.  The Bulls need to finally part ways with a couple of their favorite players to bring in a superstar.  I am not a huge Carmelo Anthony fan, but he is available, and he is a superstar.  He might not play too much D or have too much heart on the defensive end, but if you surround him with Tyrus, Thabo, & Noce, they can help cover Melo’s defensive deficiencies, and take the pressure off them on the offensive end. 

Here is my proposed package:


Bulls Send to Denver:  Deng, Kirk, Gooden.

Bulls Receive:  Melo & Nene.



After this trade the Bulls draft Rose & resign BG.  The Bulls add a superstar & some beefy height in Nene.   Without filling out the entire roster, this is how the top 8 players shape up.

PG- Rose
SG- Thabo/ BG

SF- Melo/ Noce

PF- Tyrus

C- Noah / Nene


Oh yeah & Hughes. 



Denver has 1 defensive player and only guys who want to score.  They also need to shake things up.  They are stuck with a bunch of long-term contracts, especially in the frontcourt with Nene, Camby, & Kmart all around 10-13 mil a year.  Also, there are not enough shots to go around for Melo, AI, & JR Smith.   Deng will replace Melo with a more all around game & Kirk will complement JR or AI in the backcourt.  Finally, Gooden will provide a solid big body and cap relief for Denver with his expiring deal



Iverson/ JR Smith


Kmart/ Gooden




I’m not sure if this will work money wise because things get confusing with Deng situation & base year compensation, but at first glance, it looks like it can work. 


Melo (BYC) 13 M + Nene 12M

Kirk 11M+ Gooden 8 M + Deng (9-12 Mil Range ?) + Trade Exception (5 M?)


Imagine this:  Rose breaking his man down off the dribble.  He is at the free-throw line.  He has a wide-open Ben Gordon on his left and a wide-open Melo on his right, but instead he throws an alley-oop to Tyrus.  Sweet.  Okay - bash away, but I did call the Hughes for Corpse trade two weeks before it went down.


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