Points in the Paint

In the debate of who the Bulls should take Beasley or Rose,  I think that the crucial factor is points in the paint, simply because the Bulls have been lacking the ability to do this for years.

A team’s ability to score in the paint is the definitive measurement of the efficiency of a team’s offense. If your team can consistently score in the paint, you force the defense to collapse towards the basket to help defend, which means that other players will be left open.

Assuming Beasley is the post-scorer I think he is, he will give the Bulls points in the paint and force the defense to collapse. However, as Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Kobe, CP3, Nash, 'Mello and others who aren’t your prototypical post players have proven, there are indeed other ways to collapse a team’s defense. Speed, quickness, craftiness, and basketball IQ all work just fine.  Heck, Tony Parker was the league leader in points scored in the paint one season.

Based on what I’ve seen and read, I’m assuming two things about Rose:
1.    His physical ability to get into the paint will translate into the NBA
2.    His point guard skills are as good, or close to as good, as advertised

if Rose can penetrate like many think he can, and he has the point guard skills that will immediately reap the rewards of a collapsed defense by finding the open man, then I think that this is a no-brainer. Beasley will collapse the defense, but this won't necessarily translate into an immediate kick out to the open man the way it would with Rose. The Bulls have plenty of big capable athletes that can do things when they are given open looks, and I think that Rose will be able to create the open looks better than Beasley could from the painted area.

However, if the Bulls feel that Rose isn’t able to consistently force defenses to collapse on him in the paint then they should take Beasley, no question. But I think that the argument that the Bulls should take Beasley because they need a consistent post-presence is kind of bogus, considering that there are clearly other ways to get into the paint.

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