A New Direction for the 2008-09 Bulls

I wanted to address Matt's post about trading Deng and Gordon, but I thought my idea took up a little too much space to be a response.  With that in mind, here's what I'm thinking:

I know a lot of Bulls fans are really biased towards BG and Deng, but there are a couple of young restricted free agents that I would much rather the Bulls went after.  

Josh Smith, Monta Ellis and Andre Igoudala are all going to be restricted free agents this summer.  Let's make a play for one of those guys.  

Let's look to make a deal moving as many of Nocioni, Gooden and Hughes as we can.  Perhaps Hinrich, too.  We've got a young group intact. Thabo, TT and Noah will still be here.  Say Hinrich stays, too.  If we could get any one of the above mentioned free agents I'd be ready to roll with that 5 as my starters.

Any way we can get some of our junk out of town is a plus.  If that can't happen, then play them, but limit the hell out of their minutes.  I'm talking off the bench no more than 10-12 minutes a piece.  We have talked so much about depth.  I think it's overrated.  Teams with a good starting group let them get most of the meaningful minutes.  You need two quality reserves, and a couple of space fillers for when your starters are tired or in foul trouble.

So imagine a starting lineup with Hinrich, Thabo, TT, Noah and one of Ellis, AI and Josh Smith.  Coming off the bench to spell them is maybe a PG you drafted this year, whoever you picked up in the Noc trade, Gooden and Hughes if you got stuck with them and then our end of the bench, just-in-case scrubs.

We would be young, athletic, fast, defensive-minded and perfectly built for a fast-paced run-and-gun style team.  Bring in a like-minded coach who wants to play up tempo with a swarming defense.  We would also be in good financial shape moving forward.

In summary, we had some good times with Gordon and Deng, but this year was unacceptable.  They both have flaws.  They both stepped back when we needed them to step forward.  Let's not throw money at a couple soft guys that showed their true colors in their contract years.

Just out of curiosity, I included a poll to see what you guys think of the Bulls' potential options this summer.  

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