Open Game Thread #75: Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers

[Thanks to bullshooter for tonight's game preview, even though he's a pain in my ass in the comments section :) -Matt]

Top 10 Reasons to watch tonight's game:

  • The youngsters. Noah, Sefolosha, and Blogabull favorite son Tyrus Thomas have seen their minutes go up as the Bulls have fallen farther out of the playoff race.  The future is upon us.

  • Ben Wallace.  It always feels good to get the better end of a deal.  As long as Larry Hughes is sitting on the bench, it's not even close.

  • Be a Witness.  Hey, LeBron is pretty good even if none of his teammates are...

  • The end of an era.  Small ball as interpreted and implemented by Skiles/Boylan is coming to an end.  You may never get to see BG, Duhon and Hinrich on the court at the same time ever again (at least in the same uniform).

  • An old school central division matchup.  How many times do you think they will show Jordan over Ehlo?  Can you ever get enough?

  • EJ, Kenny and Charles.  Maybe Chuckles will come up with something new about the Bulls other than "They're too small."  He'll most likely say something mildy controversial and definitely politically incorrect.

  • The game's on TNT.  For those of you who are Bulls diehards and don't pirate game feeds, this is your one game per fortnight, and it's on at 6pm CDST [have no fear, it's at 7. -ed.], so you can catch the game and still do something else tonight.  And how many times can you really watch Law & Order?

  • The NBA: Where Mascot Mayhem happens.  That guy should have walked up behind Posey and ...

  • Did I mention the youngsters?  You might even get a little Aaron Gray, if you can get just a little Aaron Gray...

  • Who am I kidding, there haven't been 10 reasons to watch this team since late January.  But if you are true Bulls fan like me, you'll start missing them as soon as the playoffs start.   So even if they are playing for ping pong balls, sit back, have a beer and enjoy it while it's on...

Blogging with the enemy:
Cavalier Attitude
Brian Windhorst

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