Time to Break Up The Core?

Deng, Kirk and Gordon have been with us a long time but we aren' going anywhere fast. Should we break up the core?

A lot has been said about the core of Deng, Hinrich and Gordon and also the secondary core of Thabo, Thomas and Noah.

The first trio has carried us as far as they can go. It's time to break them up. Deng and Gordon holding out for bigger contracts was a bad move. We cannot realistically pay them what they think they deserve and still bring in that "superstar" everyone says we need to step up to the next level. Kirk's just as painful as no matter how good a defender/leader/combo guard he is, he's not worth 11.5 million.

However, we all know that Kirk won't be traded. He's still the most serviceable guard we have. He's the best defender, (despite his season going to hell) one of the top 10 point guards in the league. Plus he's Pax's first draft pick as a GM. Trading Kirk would look like Pax made a big mistake in his first decision as Bulls GM. No one can swallow his ego like that.

If we intend to start performing up to standards, we have to start shopping out some of our more tradable assets.

  1. Gordon
  2. Nocioni
  3. Tyrus
Gordon is a proven (although at times inconsistent)scorer. Teams who already have a first offensive option could make good use of him. (Sonics, Grizzlies, Timberwolves).

Nocioni's position is redundant. Deng is our first choice SF. He's also one of the biggest pieces we have in rebuilding this franchise. He needs all the playing time he can get. With Nocioni, he either has to limit his minutes or play as an undersized PF. As much as I like the guy, Nocioni has outgrown the club.

I'm also believing that Thomas is a failed experiment. He has a brilliant upside, we are already overstocked in the big men department and he has also stated that he preferred the SF position, a position we are already very well covered.

There's a good crop of point guards in this draft. I have a personal preference for Rose or Mayo. If we trade up for either of them, we can shift Kirk to the 2 spot.

PG - Mayo
SG - Kirk, Thabo
SF - Deng
PF - Gooden, (Draft Pick)
C  - Noah, Gray

There's still space for a star (I'm being generic here as I'm pretty out of ideas about who to trade for or sign), in any position except SF & PF. Either way, it gives up a more explosive squad to challenge in the playoffs.

If all else fails, hope that LeBron comes here when his contract expires, or, in a pinch, someone drugs Riley's Organic Tea -->

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