Offseason thoughts

We all know how badly this season went.Team in a completely mess.The whole coaching staff with or without Scott Skiles was tuned out from the get go.

I really do not know what Paxson is thinking right now but selecting a new coach will be crucial.

He has to bring someone here that will command the respect from the players.Also the coaching staff.Ron Adams,Pete Myers?What have they offered the past years?Get them out of there.They are of no use and certainly a new coaching staff with different ideas and different approach will very well be welcomed.

In-game adjustments:This better be a good trait of the new coach since we lacked it with the Skiles/Boylan regime.

I've been following the Bulls since 1986 and really I cannot remember a Bulls team so dead on the court.It's a miracle to me that they've managed to win 31 games.

Cab things be possibly so bad?Have the players regressed?Were the Kobe Bryant trade rumors so hard for Deng and Gordon to swallow?

These questions and many more I pray John Paxson has answers for soon enough.The offseason is right around the corner for us and it starts on Wednesday midnight for us.

Step one for me is to get the right coach in here and apparently there seem to be only 3 viable options right now:Larry Brown,Rick Carlisle and Jeff Van Gundy.

Get a coach here to clear the air.Talk to the players and sit down with Paxson and start planning about next year.

Determine which players could be moved and quite frankly manage to get some trades going that will net us two ex-All Stars on the move.

I'm thinking Jermaine O'Neal and Ron Artest.Clearly we striked out on the Garnett and Gasol boat so Paxson just for once must realize that risks should be taken in order to get stuck out of mediocrity land.

Now I'm talking about two players that are questionable in terms of injury and mind but clearly these guys will be the two best players on the team.Given that Gordon and Deng are basically hard to trade now(sign and trades won't be easy especially for the cash they are looking) and the value of Hinrich and Nocioni isnt at their highest we could rely on the contracts of Hughes and Gooden who have played better for us since their arrival in Chicago.

Quite possibly we might have to give up the 9th pick in one of those deals.There also will be the mid level exception to use on a player.

I do not know about the rest of you but there has to be a major shake up.Come to think about it.
A Gordon-Artest-Deng-O'Neal-Noah lineup looks good on paper with tyrus switching for O'Neal or Noah.

Get a good point guard a GOOd coach and this team can compete.

I'd certainly like to hear your ideas to get the Bulls out of this mess.

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