Open Game Thread #63: Bulls at Detroit Pistons

[ed. note: Thanks to chgobr for today's game preview. -Matt]

Angles to today's Detroit game.

1- You cannot ignore the shocking possibility of the Bull's sweeping the 2007-08 Detroit series with a win tonight.  The Bulls have won 5 straight regular season games against a Detroit team that is 23-5 at home.
2- Motivational bounce-back from the ESPN tongue-lashing.  During the Boston game the ESPN announcers repetitively pointed out how we are a pathetic, defensively weak, lifeless, non-hustling, jump-shooting, shitty team.  Despite some of us agreeing it seemed a bit harsh.  
3- Our Boylan frustration is highlighted by his cliché coaching after the Boston game.  

We had some looks; they just weren't going down. We looked a little fatigued. We just didn't seem to have an answer for them.'
4- TT and Thabo should return today.
5- Watch Deng and Gordon play.  Are they playing poorly or just not as good as we thought?  Today's game contributes to the summer salary negotiations melodrama which heats up in July.
6- Will Noah continue his stellar play?  He may be the steal of the 2007 draft. Who now would take Ji, Hawes or Corey Brewer over Noah?
7- The half-full entry - Despite Boylan's ineptitude I am happier today after moving the Corpse for Hughes and Gooden.  
8- We are ½-game behind NJ and 1 behind Atlanta for the 8th spot

There isn't much we don't know about this Detroit team. Rasheed Wallace sat out the last game with a sore ankle. I think they just wanted to rest him against the pathetic Knicks and I expect him to play tonight. I do not know of any Detroit injuries that would keep them from playing tonight.  The only thing in the Detoit papers a bit interesting is McDyess's recent poor play

Pistons forward Antonio McDyess hasn't been quite the same steady factor over the last four games. After having eight double-digit rebounding performances in February, McDyess hasn't cracked six boards in four games. He also averaged just 3.25 points in that span.

As usual - I hope our Bulls play well and we can enjoy a rare surprise win.


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