If Boylan was a turd

he would drawf the Sears Tower. Let's express our love for the man who said "I don't get rattled. When the heat is on I believe I'm actually at my best!"  As the heat goes up, the turd gets higher, this ball of fire.

He has driven Duhon into depression, Nocioni into a wet noodle, Gray into an frustrated anger machine, Noah into volcanic rages and Tyrus into someonone who would prefer hiding in his closet rather than face the incoherent rants of Boylan. Lately, HInrich was spotted in the locker room rolled up in the fetal position sucking on a doodle after and exchange with the great one.

What a motivator. If he were coaching the Celtics, they'd still be fighting for a playoff spot with KJ wondering why he's riding the bench in crunch time while the 4 guard lineup struggles not to blow another 30 point lead.

Most of us know the Bulls failure lies primarily at the foot of TT who has been in a funk for the last 5 games (bulls 2-3) reflected by his poor shooting and limited minutes.
Here is his breakdown:
Minutes played 70:55
FG 6-26  .229   FT  10-13 .779  Rebounds 16
Assists 4   Blocks 3   PF's 9   Turnovers 1

Prorating these dreary stats over 2 games of 35 minutes each...average of our other forwards becomes: points per game 11 assists 2 rebounds 8
PF's 4.5  blocks 1.5  Turnovers  0.5.  

No wonder he rides the bench, Thomas is a human turnover machine. One in over 70 minutes..and don't think Boylan doesn't remember it vividly. Unfortunately it seems he is incable of remembering more than one play for any extended period....thus explaining his rotations.

As Jimbo admitted..."I'm not a stats man" here are some numbers over the last 5 games he may want to peruse, assuming he can read.

Player          Minutes         (+/-)
Hughes          153:58           -31
Deng            185:55           -28
Noah            120:15           -18
Gooden          172:14           -16
Gordon          148:41           -14
Nocioni          75:52             0
Nichols           4:22            +2
Gray             34:28            +6
Tabo            110:08           +11
Kirk            118:13           +21
THOMAS         70:55          +22

Notice a pattern you festering boil?  Look at the stats!  Even when Tyrus is floundering, he still blows away your favorites...players have to earn their minutes...your fat ass.  You are a complete enema bag that is constantly overflowing.

Now I feel better.  I am climbing off the edge thanks to the prince of  dunces and his fellow retards.

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