Tanking: the Lottery Bound Horribulls

I dont want to think the Bulls are tanking. It doesnt make sense. But can they really win ANY close/possible-come-back games if these crappy rotations happen keep happening day in and day out? The only explenation for tanking (and possibly the random injuries that keep happening to Deng and Gordon) is that Paxson knows that he wont be bringing Deng and Gordon back.

History shows that PAXSON DOES NOT BEND ON HIS DEALS, and maybe this holds true to the deals Deng and Gordon turned down. So he has his coach tank, just like he did the year before Deng and Gordon arrived. At the end of the year, he ends up doing long negotiations, until a very unexpected trade happens.

Much like the Curry trade, he sends Deng someplace, gets a lotter pick, and a future unprotected pick or something. He does the same with Gordon.

The Bulls now have 3 lottery picks, which he uses to replace Gordon and Deng, add a low post scorer, and keep the Bulls way under the cap, all while retaining Hinrich, Nocioni, Thomas, Gooden, Hughes, Sefolosha, Gray, Duhon, and Noah.

The Bulls, next year, start Hinrich, Noah, Gooden, and the replacements to Deng and Gordon, make another powerful march into the playoffs on hardwork and defense, this time though the newcommers have veteran guys with them, and are able get to the 2nd round and maybe the conference finals.

The year after that, the teams the Bulls traded with each give them another lottery pick, and the Bulls enter the season with a roster of Hinrich, Nocioni, Gooden, Sefolosha, Thomas, Noah, Duhon, Hughes, Gooden and 5 new lottery picks (2 each from the deng/gordon trades, and the Bulls own from this year).

With possibly the deepest team in NBA history, the Bulls plow through the Eastern conference, and make it to the NBA Finals, winning a championship for the first time ever in the post Jordan/Pippen era.

Larry Hughes, after playing well in the Finals and hitting randomly big shots off the bench retires as a fan favorite and proud Chicago Bull. The money that comes off the books of Larry's gigantic contract is used to sign a center to finally replace the loss of Ben Wallace.

John Paxson looks like a genious, just like he did with the Curry trade.

Honestly, after seeing what Scott Skiles, and now Jim Boylan continue to do, I have several times tried to find an exlenation that had some logic and I cant. All I can see is that the Bulls could be tanking. Yesterday it was like Boylan TRIED to blow the game (see Matt's diary).

And this is a bucnh of crap. This team could have gotten to the Finals if there was any confidence for or from anybody at the beginning of the year. Now...well...Lotter Bound Horribulls.

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