Pissed Pax Comments on Michael Heisley

[From the Diaries.

Yes, there are reasons to not want to pay Pau Gasol max money. That said, I do have a problem with the 'no luxury tax, not ever' edict that I still want to believe isn't true, but gains more supporting evidence each week. Also, it bothers me that Pax comments on the ethics over what other people say, or (like in the Kobe non-deal) how rumors are perpetuated by the media. You're the GM of the Chicago Bulls for chrissakes, it's part of the job (that you should be doing). -Matt]

The article by John Jackson says Pax "didn't have much of a reaction":

Bulls general manager John Paxson didn't have much of a reaction to Heisley's comments.

''I don't feel I need to comment on what another team's owner is saying about anything,'' Paxson said. ''I also would never make any statement about how another team should conduct their business.''

Heh, that's more of a reaction than he's had to almost everything else this year.

Seriously, I thought it was extremely unusual for Heisley to comment on the Bulls in the manner he did, but that doesn't mean I've got much in the way of sympathy for how Pax and Jerry have run the show the way Sam Smith seems to.

Smith's mailbag has some classic apologia for the Bulls, accusing fans of wanting "a new toy" that the Bulls won't pay for.  What the hell.  Never mind the fans have made the Bulls the most profitable franchise in the league by a substantial margin.  

Of course, much of that profitability was built on the illusion they'd bust their ass to make a winner.  It's funny Smith throws out the new toy quip at the same time he points out Bulls fans are angrier than he's ever seen them.

Profitability is built on enthusiasm and thinking you have a chance to go somewhere.

My response is that the Bulls likely get a couple hundred bucks less profitable next year when I shell out for one or two less games attended and don't bother with the league pass.

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