Gordon as PG Revisited

At least statistically, I'm pretty surprised Gordon hasn't been better as a PG.  Or at least given more run to develop there.

I spent some time looking at the guys I think he's pretty comparable to, and it still seems to me he could be used as a PG if we wanted to:

Compared to Jason Terry and Mo Williams, Gordon was used just as much as a PG as they were in college and generated about the same AS/TO ratio there. Terry was 1.6 (1.8 minus his last year at UNLV when he was really chucking the ball), Williams and Gordon both 1.4.  Compared to Hinrich

82Games breaks down turnovers by type.  I took at look at this per 36 minutes and was surprised to see that Gordon's TO rates weren't much different than those guys even though they're used as PGs more (and thus generate more assists).

BP = Bad Passes
BH = Ball Handling

Player     BP    BH
Terry    1    0.4
Willms    1.5    1
Gordon    1.2    1
Hinrich    1.4    1

As you can see, in terms of his [i]rates[/i] of ball handling errors and bad passes, it seems like he doesn't make many more errors than these other guys.  What's different is he's asked to do it less than these guys because he very rarely plays the PG role in the Bulls' offense.

I guess this doesn't solve the problem at the end, because one could always say that if you start playing him more at PG his TO rates would go up, but I don't see any reason to assume that would happen.  Is inherent ability to handle the ball (or not), I don't see why they's gonna change much.  I think it's very possible that if we put the ball in his hands and told him to run the show more, we might get more "PG-like" stats from him.  

In other words, why not stick him next to Thabo and see how things work out?

Additional note, Kirk commits 1.4 Bad Passes and 1.0 Ball Handling TOs per 36 minutes, so he's in the same neck of the woods as well.

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