John Paxson.

I started to think do I wanna watch this anymore? No. 

I went Christmas Shopping and walked past a Bulls hat and there is no longer that feeling of pride when I see that logo. I started to think do I really want John Paxson to build a team around Rose? No not really. 

I listened to him on ESPN 1000 and felt like this is a man who doesn't like his job. I mean I felt tired after I listened to him. 

Had the Bulls not lucked out in the draft what would we be talking about today? Paxson getting fired? I mean I like John Paxson he seems like a really nice guy but I don't think he's a good GM and he even knows it. 

Remember the white knight standing in the UC tunnel with his nice suit and his fresh take on the Bulls rebuilding plans. College kids from big programs. It was a great Idea and it worked for a few years but I wonder now if Paxson has just lost control. The luster has wore. Players take advantage of him because why else would Noah come back out of shape? Why else would Duhon constantly show up late last season?  You can go on and on with Paxson's failures to Kobe Bryant to Paul Gasol the blame starts with him. 

Other than Derrick Rose you have Paxson's steamy pile of crap players.  

My point is do you trust Paxson to find the kinda of players to mold around Rose? Do you trust Paxson to unload bad contracts? His time seems to be running out. This is huge for Paxson now. Because now he has a star even though he won't say it. 

What is Jerry West doing these days and how does he feel about Chicago winters? Paxson is lame duck. Do you guys have an names for GM after Paxson? 



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