Where is the bread and butter?

One of the big things talked about this past summer after drafting Rose was how he would make Tyrus and Joakim better players by his passing ability and his ability to create. 

Now maybe it's early but that really hasn't been the case so far. 


I really thought Tyrus Thomas would be throwing down monster dunks from Rose all season. Why hasn't Vinny used Thomas more to play off Rose? Why isn't Thomas being taught that once you set the pick you should roll down to the basket looking for a pass?

Really this is what angers me about some of our pro teams in this city. They draft a player and don't use his strengths. Then they thrive in other teams systems. I realize it's on the players too but Vinny should be running the high pick and roll all night. It should be their bread and butter. 

They also mentioned how Chris Paul made Chandler better. And he has but it's all from one simple pick and roll where Chandler plays the alley-oop pass. This is what I had visioned for Rose and Thomas. But nothing.  Like this

 This is the perfect play for Rose and Thomas because it creates movement and keeps Thomas near the hoop for put back tips instead of long jump shots. For Rose it gives him a bailout pass when the drive is stopped. Not only does it help Rose it would open up a shooter because now you have someone helping on Tyrus. 

I was calling for this play when Rose got blocked and Thomas cleaned it up. Alley-oop to Tyrus Thomas it was the perfect play and it happened in away but not intentional. 

You need a bread and butter play in this league just look at Malone and Stockton or GP and Kemp. Now Chris Paul and Chandler.

Everyone on Philly is paying attention to Rose while Thomas goes untouched. This was the play I was calling and by luck it worked. With this play Thomas can be productive along side Rose.  



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