Putting this Year's Team in Context

I thought I'd take a look at how this year's team compares to the Bulls teams over the last few years in the Four Factors categories.  If your not familiar with the Four Factors, this is a way to break basketball down into it's four basic statistical categories (Field goal shooting, turnovers, rebounding, and free throw shooting).  Field goal shooting is the most important category (50%), followed by turnovers (25%), then rebounding (20%), and then free throw shooting (15%).


Year Ortg eFG% TOV% ORB% FTM/FTA
(08/09) 105.4(19) .483(21) .139(19) .278(9) .225(21)
(07/08) 103.9(26) .470(28) .134(16) .289(8) .223(19)
(06/07) 104.9(22) .493(17) .147(23) .286(9) .229(22)
(05/06) 104.0(24) .487(19) .139(21) .263(19) .216(26)
(04/05) 101.4(27) .471(24) .155(30) .284(18) .233(22)


(08/09) 108.4(19) .488(15) .132(20) .705(29) .250(21)
(07/08) 107.2(14) .496(11) .142(5) .731(18) .258(25)
(06/07) 99.6(1) .473(3) .162(1) .743(10) .252(19)
(05/06) 103.4(7) .464(3) .139(11) .747(5) .295(29)
(04/05) 101.4(2) .454(2) .144(8) .726(7) .262(22)

Offensively not much has really changed from the Skiles era.  There's more offensive potential on the roster than the Skiles era, but very little of it has been realized so far.  Defense is where the changes have happened.  The team has slid in the three most important categories on the side of the ball they could not afford to slide.  And a big part of the problem in all three areas is the lineups that Vinny has relied on.

Field goal shooting defense has continued it's slide from last season.  What's interesting is last season, the team struggled defending the 3-point line allowing opponents to shoot 37.5% (26th).  This season the Bulls are only allowing 33.4% from 3 (6th), but they can't defend the paint

This team also no longer creates turnovers on defense.  This is largely a product of the lineups Vinny plays and changes in roster makeup, but it is also may be partly a product of Vinny's system.  D'Antoni's defensive system never emphasized creating turnovers in Phoenix.

The most inexcusable lapse for this team is defensive rebounding.  29th in the league is simply unacceptable.   Especially when there are players that can rebound on the roster.  All of the small forward's rebounding numbers are down as well.  Is Vinny having them leak out or are they all under performing?

I'm completely sick of small ball.  Sick of seeing Gray out there with Nocioni or Gooden at PF.  Sick of seeing the players that can force turnovers, challenge shots, and rebound on the bench.

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