ITs been a while so...Another 2010 plan!!!

Lets just get right into it....

First the bulls do this:

Then the bulls do this:

Thus the remaining of this years season the bulls look like this:

D. Rose/Felton/Hunter
Luol Deng/Morrison

(simmons and ruffin can be filler if possible but they dont really matter)

Dont sign gordon or gooden..Gordon will definetly want about 10 mil per year, and gooden will probably want about the same as he is getting paid, 7 mil per year. I dont think gooden is worth more than 5 mil per year, and say i agree with the hive here and say gordon is worth starter money, i have a better concept in mind anyway. I'm not a big felton fan, so i wouldnt want to resign him either, instead id take lindsey hunter for another year or any other cheap pg  who has a brain. Novak can be signed cuz he probably is cheap.

Going into 2010 we look like this:

D.Rose/Hunter(or other cheap guard)
Hughes (i know)/Thabo
Luol Deng/Morrison

So i know what you're thinking, this team isnt that good. Rose would really be thrown into the fire, but i think after watching him this year, i believe he can take it and get better....which could be scary. Hughes sucks, but he can do a job of playing shooting guard. Thabo i pray will improve so we dont have to just be stuck with hughes for 48 minutes. Deng should get back to normal, and 40 minutes should be doable for him, morrison can take the backup role...if nothing else he can knockdown a few jumpers including 3s and just give luol some rest. You can even flip thabo and morrison around position wise. Tyrus i think is starting to get it, and another good offseason seems immenent, i think next year he should be ready to actually produce consistantly, so he deserves to start. novak can give tyrus a few min of rest and nothing more. Kaman will hopefully be at his worst i think is as good as Brad Miller now, and at his best could be something special. Gray can contribute for 14 minutes a night i think. He has to lose some more weight.

I think this team can, if they play hard, and hoping everyone develops a bit, sneak into the playoffs, or at least be in a race for a berth. Thats all that they need to be.

The money we will have in the offseason should be enough to get something this is what i would try to do...

Put all stock into getting joe johnson, d. rose, johnson, kaman should be pretty damn competetive, it should also help ease deng into a better role on the team. The defense would be pretty good too, with rose and johnson in the backcourt, and tyrus and kaman in the front. deng isnt a bad defender, and those athletic wings that get past him would have trouble waiting for them in the paint and help defense from the perimeter. It would be a team that could compete in the east, especially with the celtics on thier way down.

You could also go into a play for bosh, if thomas doesnt work out. kaman or tyrus, after seeing so many minutes in 2010 should be tradeable, and bosh would work well with both of them.

Im assuming lebron and wade will be the first ones signed, probably by the teams they are on now.  Most teams i think will go for this order of attempts; Lebron, Wade, Bosh, Amare, Yao, Joe Johnson/Al Horford (atlanta should be able to hold onto one of them at least). After that Nowitski would be next followed by in no real order (team needs come into play) Manu, Nash, Parker, prince, pierce, Oden, Butler, Young (both thadeus and Nick) Durant, and stuckey. After that we have the good role players or has beens in Redd, Kapono, Randolf, Dunleavy, Thornton, Jefferson, Peja, Dalembert, Peterson, Evans, and jianlian.

If we cant land Bosh or Joe Johnson, i would like to go for something from the second group plus something from the third group. With Kaman being our post presence, and rose being our main slasher and play maker, guys who can shoot the 3 ball on the wing would be a nice compliment, plus someone who can play defense. I would love to have a manu and dalembert for instance. Theres a ton of combos that can be made, and i think the bulls should be around the top 5 best destination for alot of these players (if available). The order for most likable destination for most of these players would probably be Knicks (money and market), Clevland (if they dont sign lebron), Toronto (lots of money if they dont sign Bosh), and then the bulls would probably be the next team (great market, star pg, and at this point lots of money). At the worst the bulls will have two teams that become more likable as  a destination which should still be enough to get someone(s) worthwhile.

This seems like the best plan, and its not a complete blow up team rebuild. its a sacrifice of really (again according to the hive mind here) one GREAT player, one overpaid decent player, and one overpaid crap player (but which one of those two is hinrich and which one is noch?) and of course sacrificing the development of noah (seriously will anyone care about keeping the next verajao? ) But i really think ultimately you have to lose ben gordon. We need to have defense from both starting front court and starting backcourt, as well as offense in order to actually compete, and ben gordons best defense will still not be enough.

(for those of you surprised that im willing to have hinrich traded for well...crap...its because im thinking hinrich would like great in charlotte, though they have ugly jerseys g wallace, hinrich, and okafor would run smoothly together. Also if all else fails in 4 years the bulls could resign him for alot less, and hinrich would probably accept too. )

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